Sunday, August 16, 2015

Review of Alexa Wilder's The Wedding Rescue, Complete series

The Wedding Rescue, Complete Series 

(The Wedding Rescue #1-5)

by Alexa Wilder 

This is my first read of Alexa Wilder and I must say right off the bat that I am so happy that I got this series. I had so much fun with Leigha Carmichael and Dylan Kane.

Leigha is having one of the worst runs of luck and she has to be bother with her twitty, stick thin sisters and of course her mom. She decides to have a drink before the hail storm begins. Just when she thinks she can take no more. In comes Dylan. She is not sure if she is being punked or what but this chance weekend will be grabbed with both hands and then some. 

Leigha goes the distance and some with a crazy ex, an ass of a soon to be brother-in-law, two pain sisters, a mother with or without a clue, and a very sexy man that wants her. This BBW gave me all I could want and more. 

“The moment he sees her across a crowded bar, Dylan Kane knows he wants her.” What would a woman give to know that this is what the man in her life was thinking the first time he saw her? 

Alexa Wilder has been a sucker for romance since she found her first Harlequin at a hospital rummage sale when she was thirteen. While she loves all forms of the written word (so much that she occasionally gets caught reading the cereal box at breakfast), love stories have always been her favorite.

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