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For the entire month of June, Brey King is running a review drive for Destiny’s Mate, the first book in The Perfect Mate series. Each time the book reaches a review count milestone, a giveaway will be launched.
  • 25 Reviews  - $10 Amazon Gift Card
  • 50 Reviews - $20 Amazon Gift Card
  • 75 Reviews - An Exclusive Bracelet Set Themed to Destiny’s Mate
  • 100 Reviews - An Exclusive Bracelet Set Themed to Destiny’s Mate & A Minor Character Named By You in One of Brey King's UpcomingDragonbourne Books
Whether it's 2 sentences or 2 paragraphs, all reviews are welcome! Please Note: The content of your review has no impact on the giveaways or their outcome. The number of reviews achieved is what launches the giveaway. Anyone can enter once the giveaway launches.  

She's searching for her true mate. He's trying to find the true love who's taken over his dreams. Tragedy strikes. Can love bring them together?

Once upon a time...

Destiny is on the run. She knows settling for the shifter that her parents wanted her to mate with, wasn’t going to work for her. Being a wolf shifter, she could feel the pull to her mate. The shifter her parents have picked out is hateful, mean and disrespectful.

As Destiny fought the push from her mother to accept Voss, she knew that she was going to have to leave to find the mate that she has been dreaming of since she was 18. Three years later, she is still searching, but she knows that she is getting closer to finding him.

When she finally she finally sees him across the street she is determined to meet him that very moment.

Luke is the person she has been dreaming about, and he has been dreaming of her too. Yet before they can reach each other...

Join Destiny and Luke as both of their worlds collide, and set in motion a series of events that threaten to tear them apart.

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The Adopt-An-Audiobook program is open to anyone willing to review audiobooks. There are more than 100 audiobooks looking for good homes with honest reviewers.
CLICK HERE to adopt an audiobook today!


1st Watcher by AJ Eversley (YA Sci-Fi)
5th Rimrider by LA Kelley (Sci-Fi)
6th Karma's a Killer by Tracy Weber (Cozy Mystery)
7th Aranya by Mar Secchia (Fantasy)


16th  The Sigma Surrogate by JT Lawrence (Sci-Fi)
17th  Vegas Varanasi by Shelly Hickman (Romance)
18th  Two From Isaac's House by Normandie Fischer (Romance)
19th  Astraeus by Haley Cavanagh (Sci-Fi)
20th  Bombshell by Pamela Fagan Hutchins (Mystery) 
21st  The Prisoner by Sara Allyn (Sci-Fi)
22nd Storm & Fury by Gail Z & Larry Martin (Fantasy)

23rd  When Tomorrow Calls (Box Set) by JT Lawrence (Sci-Fi)
24th  The Ivory Staff by M Lachi (Fantasy)
25th  Drawn to You by Preston Walker & Liam Kingsley (Romance)
26th  Love's Courage by Elizabeth Meyette (Romance)
27th  Lost in the Light by Mary Castillo (Mystery)
28th  The Cowboy's baby Goes to Heaven by Gretchen Lee Rix (Romance)
29th  Vengeance by Gail Z Martin (Fantasy)
30th  Oshun Rising by Jennifer Alsever (Fantasy)
Top 10 List

Jess the Audiobookworm's top 10 Recommended Audiobook Activities

  1. Relaxing. This isn't so much an activity as a lack of an activity, but it allows for total audio immersion.
  2. Roadtripping. I love a great road trip playlist, but who says it has to be all about the music? Set cruise control and hit play!
  3. Exercising. Nothing takes my mind off of the pain of an intense workout like an even more intense story. A high-paced action thriller will still have your heart racing long after the cardio ends.
  4. Beaching. Audiobook listening is the ultimate summer fun. We've been bringing books to the pool and beach with us for decades, why not upgrade? Listening frees up your hands and you won't have to worry about a book blocking your sun or some kid splashing your pages.
  5. Working. Why count the hours in your work day when you could be counting the hours you've knocked off of your current audiobook? Turn 8 hour work days into 8 hour listening sessions. Just check with the boss first!
  6. Running errands. I always have an audiobook loaded up on my phone when heading out to run errands, especially if doctor visits are involved. I actually look forward to hanging out in waiting rooms now. I've also been known to accidentally LOL while listening in such situations… #awkward
  7. Coloring. Coloring is the perfect mindless activity to pair with audiobook listening. It's super relaxing and the combo keeps both your mind and hands occupied.
  8. Sleeping. I don't personally suffer from insomnia, but I've heard that audio listening has helped those who do. Listening to a great audiobook is the perfect way to drift peacefully off to sleep. Just remember to set a sleep timer on the book before settling in!
  9. Reading. Studies have shown that maximum comprehension is obtained through listening and reading simultaneously. This should end of the book versus audiobook debate once and for all. They’re both winners!
  10. Flying. Fear over flying? Pop an audio into your ears and lie back. I recommend choosing something relaxing like a nice Nicholas Sparks-esque romance. There's no need to heighten your anxiety with an adrenaline pumping Thriller.

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When Brindle comes home from Paris with an unexpected baby bump it gives no-strings attached a whole new meaning for these long-time lovers in WILD, CRAZY HEARTS, releasing June 12th! 
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Paperback Giveaway! To Tame a Wild Cowboy: Cupid, Texas, #7 by Lori Wilde

To Tame a Wild Cowboy
Cupid, Texas, #7 
by Lori Wilde
Avon Books
May 21st 2019 

New York Times bestselling author Lori Wilde’s series set in Cupid, TX continues as one free-wheeling cowboy discovers he has a child—and a chance at real love with the last woman he expected.

What would it take to tame a wild cowboy?

One minute, Rhett Lockhart is a love ‘em and leave ‘em bull rider with a slow, sexy smile, a swagger, and not a care in the world. The next, he learns his free-wheeling days are over: a baby has been abandoned in the hospital, and there’s no question: he’s the father. But from the first moment he gazes into his daughter’s eyes, he knows the moment has come to say ‘no’ to no-strings. It’s time to grow up.

Standing in his way is the baby’s foster mother, Tara Alzate, who doesn’t quite believe Rhett is ready to change his ways. Still, she’s not not immune to his considerable charms. So when he proposes a marriage of convenience and shared custody, against her better judgement, she says “I do.” Can Tara tame this wild cowboy and make her own, long-buried dreams come true?

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

IT'S HERE! The ALL-NEW Central Park Pact series kicks off with PASSION ON PARK AVENUE - Now LIVE!

Passion on Park Avenue by Lauren Layne

Passion on Park Avenue
(Central Park Pact, #1)
by Lauren Layne
Gallery Books
May 28th 2019

What are early readers saying...

"I'd compare this to authors such as Christina Lauren when it comes to the steamy romantic chemistry-disguised-as-hatred. These plots are quickly becoming a favorite of mine, and Passion on Park Avenue is at the top of that list. " - Jordan C., Goodreads
"This book has earned a place on shelf next to the Shopaholic series to be read over and over." - Cara, Goodreads

From the author of the New York Times bestselling Stiletto and Oxford series, the first in a sizzling new series following the unlikely friendship of three Upper East Side women as they struggle to achieve their dreams and find true love and happiness in the city that never sleeps.

For as long as she can remember, Bronx-born Naomi Powell has had one goal: to prove her worth among the Upper East Side elite—the same people for which her mom worked as a housekeeper. Now, as the strongminded, sassy CEO of one of the biggest jewelry empires in the country, Naomi finally has exactly what she wants—but it’s going to take more than just the right address to make Manhattan’s upper class stop treating her like an outsider.

The worst offender is her new neighbor, Oliver Cunningham—the grown son of the very family Naomi’s mother used to work for. Oliver used to torment Naomi when they were children, and as a ridiculously attractive adult, he’s tormenting her in entirely different ways. Now they find themselves engaged in a battle-of-wills that will either consume or destroy them…

Filled with charm and heart and plenty of sex and snark, this entertaining series will hook you from the very first page.

New Release & Paperback Giveaway! THE ROGUE OF FIFTH AVENUE by Joanna Shupe (Historical Romance)

The Rogue of Fifth Avenue
Uptown Girls, #1
by Joanna Shupe
Avon Books
May 28th 2019

Silver-tongued lawyer.

Keeper of secrets.

Breaker of hearts.

He can solve any problem…

In serving the wealthy power brokers of New York society, Frank Tripp has finally gained the respectability and security his own upbringing lacked. There’s no issue he cannot fix…except for one: the beautiful and reckless daughter of an important client who doesn’t seem to understand the word danger.

She’s not looking for a hero…

Excitement lies just below Forty-Second Street and Mamie Greene is determined to explore all of it—while playing a modern-day Robin Hood along the way. What she doesn’t need is her father’s lawyer dogging her every step and threatening her efforts to help struggling families in the tenements.

However, she doesn’t count on Frank’s persistence…or the sparks that fly between them. When fate upends all her plans, Mamie must decide if she’s willing to risk it all on a rogue…

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