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Cursed by Fire by Jacquelyn Frank

Cursed by Fire (Immortal Brothers #1)

by Jacquelyn Frank

Published February 24th 2015 by Ballantine Books

About the Author from the author: I (Jacquelyn Franks) am a native New Yorker, was born there and have lived a major portion of my life there. I was born on Lawn Guyland (that’s how we say it, I swear) but have resided in several places. I love animals, specifically cats, to a point of insanity (I actually bought a ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ action figure from a fan with a humor shop!) I love my boys like I would honest to goodness children. I am still writing, the muse taking me all over creation. (I was recently accused of having series ADD) But not to fear, I feel things coming full circle and we will be in the Nightwalker world again! I’m still living in Western North Carolina, a happy Asheville resident. My foster daughter, Bianca, still visits with me at least twice a year and is very much a part of my life.

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I have to first apologize to all of Jacquelyn Frank's fans, fanatics, and follower for the two star rating I gave this reading. I am huge fan of her works, especially the Nightwalkers series, but here I have to say I do not get it. First off let me say, this book reminded me a lot of Gena Showalter The Darkest Night from the Lords of the Underworld series. Both of our heroes are cursed to experience a nightly torture one by fire (Dethan) and the other (Showalter's hero) by excruciating pain. Both because of the arrogance they demonstrated before the gods thinking they knew better. Dethan for defying the gods and snatching the power of immortality and Showalter's hero for thinking the gods were wrong to chose a woman over a man to do the job. For me that is where things ended.  I was not compelled to invest in either Dethan or Selinda.  I did not feel a connection to either hero or heroine. I could not even connect to the world that she so expertly built to go with this new series.  I felt some flicker of hope as I got closer to the end of the read. There was something there that made me want to get to the next brother, his story, and his heroine.

I would recommend this read to all Jacquelyn Frank's fans, fanatics, and follower for the simple reasoning that she is an amazing writer.  An okay read to one reader may be the best read to another.  This read has in no way dampened my views to pick up another one of her works.  I will continue to read what she offer no matter the outcome.  I can always find a connection in there somewhere. Who is to say that book 2 of the 'Immortal Brothers' series will not just blow the socks off my feet?

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