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Virtual Tour - Hiding Out in Hollywood (A Hollywood Dating Story, #2) by Jennifer Farwell

Hiding Out In Hollywood
A Hollywood Dating Story, #2
by Jennifer Farwell
Publication Date: April 17th 2016

From The Book Junkie Reads . . . Hiding in Hollywood (Hollywood, #2) . . .
Sometimes being kicked,punted, and dumped makes for a tough recovery. Then there are good things that can happen if you open yourself up to it. Then again hide and hope not to be found can be much better. 

Emily has what every woman dreams of or most of them anyway. Someone that loves them and will be committed to them. That all changes and then her world takes a nose dive and she has to regroup her life. She decides to focus on her career and getting it back on track. Every step she makes was dedicated to making this her life. Not one consumed by the tabloids and the likes. 

Out of no where or somewhere depends, comes Raine. She knows this was not right but the body and heart wants what it wants damn the consequences. But as you know when you try to escape your past it ALWAYS has its own way of coming back and taking a chunk out of your life. Sometimes with the help of people you never want to see again. 

Through it all Raine has been there for her and was willing to make a sacrifice.  But it would not work out if Emily was not willing herself. 

Come see what Hiding Out in Hollywood has to offer you. 
**This ARC was provided via CLP in exchange for an honest review.**

After her very public romance with superstar singer Cory Sampson nearly cost Emily Watts her career, she's thrilled to be bouncing back with a new fashion column for the nation's top entertainment website. More than that, she's happy to be out of the media spotlight and is determined to never make tabloid headlines again. So when her new yoga classmate, Raine Kingston, wants to see Emily outside of class, she isn't sure what to do. Raine is funny, madly attractive, and he's one of the most charming men Emily has ever met. He's also a sought-after actor who tops Hollywood's A-list, and Emily knows being seen with him will destroy the privacy she's worked so hard to get back.

She can't deny their connection, though, and Raine is willing to spend time together in places they won't be seen. Just when Emily is on top of the world with her new romance, her past finds its way back into the headlines, thanks to a music partnership between Cory and indie band guitarist Jesse Cinder, someone Emily counts among her enemies. With all eyes back on her, it gets harder to keep her dates with Raine a secret, and Emily is forced to choose: stay with Raine, who makes her the happiest she's ever been, and have her life back in the headlines, or give up the best relationship she's ever had to keep the privacy and normal life she craves.

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Author Info
Jennifer Farwell has been writing since the day she picked up a navy blue Crayola as a toddler and began scribbling on her parents' freshly painted white walls. She's the author of SEVEN WEEKS TO FOREVER, ROCK STAR'S GIRL, and HIDING OUT IN HOLLYWOOD. Her books have been featured by Cosmopolitan and Publishers Weekly, among others. When not writing novels, she can often be found at a Kundalini yoga class, cheering on the L.A. Kings during hockey season, or curled up with a good book. Her love of storytelling led to completing a Bachelor of Journalism degree and a Master of Arts degree in English, both from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. She grew up in Thunder Bay, Canada, and now lives in Los Angeles with her dog, Pico.
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Q: How would you describe your style of writing to someone that has never read your work?
I write both chick lit and teen romance, and no matter the genre, all of my books have lots of fun dialogue, strong and sometimes sarcastic central characters, and are very voice-driven. You'll always know what my characters are thinking and how they're feeling. For my chick lit series, which Hiding Out in Hollywood is a part of, I like to draw readers in to the Hollywood scene and the other side of celebrity and fame, and to keep things interesting with romantic scenarios. Date scenes are some of my favorite things to write because I'm a romantic at heart.

Q: What mindset or routine do you feel the need to set when preparing to write (in general whether you are working on a project or just free writing)?
A lot of the time when I'm working on a big writing project, my routine is to wake up a couple of hours before I'd normally wake up--on weekdays this has sometimes meant waking up at 4:30 a.m.!--and I'll start writing right away while having coffee. Then I'll write for a couple of hours before doing anything else. That's usually when I'm at my most focused, and when I can just write and write and write. I'm pretty lucky, though, because I've also been a writer as my day job for years, and I completed a journalism degree before that, so I've learned to just sit and write to deadline no matter what's going on, even if there's total chaos happening around me.

Q: Do you take your character prep to heart? Do you nurture the growth of each character all the way through to the page? Do you people watch to help with development? Or do you build upon your character during story creation?
I definitely people watch to help with character development! A few of my characters have been inspired by characteristics of people I know or have encountered in some way. Some of the characters in Hiding Out in Hollywood were inspired by two years of my life when I was in a yoga class in Hollywood with several celebrities, and also from having had a few celebrity neighbors. Because I get that real-world, daily-life interaction with people whose lives are sometimes speculated on by the media and by the general public, my characters in Hiding Out in Hollywood are developed to show that human side that many people don't see, that I wish others could see.

So that covers inspiration. When I'm developing a character, I'll think about characteristics I've observed in people and want to bring to life. My characters can have a combination of characteristics I've observed in different people, and mostly I want to be in their heads and understand what they're thinking and feeling and why they react to things the way that they do. By the time the first draft is done, I know my characters well and what I want readers to know and understand about them, and then I'll go back and make edits to build on that based on what I know about them, how I want them to come across, and based on editor and beta reader feedback.

Q: Have you found yourself bonding with any particular character? If so which one(s)?
I've definitely bonded with Emily, the central female character in Hiding Out in Hollywood and Rock Star's Girl. I also really bonded with Cassidy, the central female character in my teen romance, Seven Weeks to Forever. I think since I spend so much time in my characters' heads, especially when telling a story from their point of view, that bonding with them is natural and really important to make sure I'm being honest to their voice and their character.

Q: Do you have a character that you have been working on that you can't wait to put to paper?
There's a character who's very briefly introduced in Hiding Out in Hollywood who I'm working on now in the third book in the series, Billion Dollar Boyfriend. There are also characters for a new series that I've been making notes about, and they come to life more and more all the time.

Q: Have you ever felt that there was something inside of you that you couldn't control? If so what? If no what spurs you to reach for the unexperienced?
I'm not sure I'd say there's something inside me I can't control, other than that I'm either really dedicated and driven to make my dreams real when there's something I want to achieve, or I'm super stubborn and just don't stop until it happens! I'm a Taurus, so the stubbornness is completely possible! The positive side of this is it's definitely good for focusing on writing books and seeing them through to being published and then getting them out there into the world.

Q: I got this one from a friend. If you could have dinner with 7 fictional characters, who would they be?
It would be such a mish-mash of dinner companions! At the top of my list are Kallie Reagan and Niles Russell from All Access by Liberty Kontranowski, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, Anne Shirley from the Anne of Green Gables series by L.M. Montgomery, and Alex Woods from The Universe Versus Alex Woods.

Thank you for a super fun interview!
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