Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Virtual Tour - The Hustle (Other Place #1) by Elizabeth Roderick

The Hustle

Other Place #1

Date Published May 31st 2016
Published by Limitless Publishing

Starting a new life isn't easy.

From The Book Junkie Reads . . . The Hustle (Other Place, #1) . . .
Mysterious. Thrilling. Suspense filled. A touch of romance. A bit confusing. WTF. At nineteen, I did not even dream of such issues or even fathom them happening to someone so young. This young woman, Liria, has endured a heap of life being thrown at her. And yet she was still alive. At least for now. . . 

There were struggles to read such a raw, real, grimy world of drugs, sex, murder and teens. After getting clean and making the conscious choice to make her life more than it was, she get some startling realizations.  Her father's not her father. Dirty old men was not just a foreign term any longer. Run becomes the right thing to do. But did she run to the light or the dark. 

Now exposed to a life that is far darker that any she could have dreamed of. Liria was being taunted by sex, drugs, stripping, murder, romance, friendship, and more. A life that after all she has been through she may not survive at the end of the day.

Desperation pushes you to do things you may not have considered under less stressful circumstances. Liria finds that for her the price of her desperation may be just a bit too much, too high, too final.

Elizabeth Roderick has written a very gritty, grimy, in depth read in the world of teens to young adult, sex, drugs, mystery, suspense with a touch or two of life happenstances. Just what I try to avoid when reading. I want the fantasy, but was in no way deterred by young Liria's reality.
**This ARC was provided via Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.**

Liria is nineteen, homeless, and addicted to heroin…

She’s also determined to not end up dead—like her mother. But every time she tries to get clean, on her feet, and back on the employment train, everything falls apart. This time is different. This time, she knows there are only two choices—recovery or death. Once she gets clean, though, her life ends up even rockier than before.

Desperate for help, Liria goes to the one person she can count on for a safe place to stay and regular meals—her father, Cyryl Czetski. However, she soon learns Cyryl isn’t her real father, and he wants a very different kind of relationship. Liria ultimately rejects his advances and ends up on the streets yet again, this time working in an illegal strip club.

Finally taking control of her life, Liria lands a job in a Vegas nightclub, where she meets Arty—the woman of her dreams.

Arty is beautiful, funny, and rich. But when other nightclub employees turn up dead—including Liria’s best friend, Lee—Liria suspects the business might be a front for something far more sinister.

When Arty reveals Liria’s life is also in danger, she promises to keep her safe. But Arty’s acting strangely, and seems to know too much about the mysterious deaths. Is she really trying to save her, or is she holding her hostage, using her as a pawn in a game Liria doesn’t understand? 

Liria thought she was used to always second guessing everyone’s intentions. That’s how life is. But if the drugs don’t ruin her, The Hustle will…


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