Monday, May 2, 2016

US Re-Release Day - Dark Confluence (The Darkening, #1) by Rosemary Fryth

Dark Confluence
The Darkening, #1
by Rosemary Fryth
3rd May 2016 – US/UK
4th May 2016 – AUS
Genres: Dark Contemporary, Urban Paranormal Fantasy

Everything is not as it seems . . .

BLURB –(GoodReads)
The small Queensland country town of Emerald Hills is under siege by paranormal forces!

Jen McDonald, a small, neat, almost-overlooked spinster in her fifties faces a quandary. Traumatised by a car accident after seeing a mysterious, dark-shrouded figure of a woman on the road, Jen believes she may be losing her mind. 

Maybe there is instead a far more malign reason for the mysterious and frightening events, deaths and disappearances in Emerald Hills. Perhaps the enigmatic and otherworldly Fionn has the answers she needs?

As the mystery unfolds before her, Jen begins to feel trapped, not only between warring factions of the supernatural Faerie race, but also by her desire for one of them. 

She does not want to be a heroine, but it is possible that her newly discovered and special gift will force her to be the town's defender.

The Darkening series:
Dark Confluence – The Darkening, #1
Dark Destination – The Darkening, #2 re-release later 2016
Dark Destiny – The Darkening, #3 re-release later 2016

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Author Synopsis . . .
It’s just another ordinary day for Jen McDonald. Until she slams on her brakes and narrowly misses hitting a shrouded woman. Disoriented and stumbling from her car, she’s stunned when she discovers the woman has disappeared. Unbeknownst to Jen, the one event triggers many others in the small Australian town of Emerald Hills.

In another part of town, a witch rises up, determined to gain more power, influence, and wealth. Through persuasiveness, she sets into motion a series of catastrophic episodes.

People disappear, only to be later found dead, animals are mutilated, seedlings and saplings suddenly appear that only Jen can see, children go missing, a strange group of pale men and women show up, and the town folk appear to be entranced. Amongst this all, Jen is experiencing strange things happening to her as well. Something dark and sinister is coming and it’s determined to take over the town.

Jen’s world is turned upside down when she’s told by Fionn, a handsome Fae she’s sexually attracted to, that it is only she that can save the town and its residents. Will Jen be brave enough to accept her destiny, even knowing she may have to sacrifice herself?

Author’s Teaser
“Feeling alarmed, Jen hugged herself like a child, not wanting to watch the storm. Yet, despite her fears, she was fascinated. She stared up at the flying clouds, greenish-grey banners snapping across the sky. She watched, too, as the rain squalls moved across the countryside, curtains of deeper grey against the ever-present gloom. As she watched, a brilliant, mind-searing shaft of light flashed before her eyes, and before she could blink, she glimpsed with shocked eyes a dozen or so ghostly riders cavorting about in the dark sky. She stumbled back at the sight, her hand to her mouth, and her skin crawling with fear. Suddenly, the ground shook, and an earth-shattering bang threw her back on her heels and sent her scurrying for the relative safety of the bathroom. Crouching fearfully on the cold tiled floor, she felt the house tremble and then settle again. Her ears rang from the deafening clap of thunder, and she distinctly smelt ozone. Distantly, yet distinctly, she heard high pealing laughter, then it was gone, and the wind picked up again, howling through the eaves.

Shaking with fear, Jen decided she had had enough.

Determinedly, she locked and bolted the front door, did a double check of all windows, and with the kerosene-lamp in her hand, she retreated to her bedroom. Quickly, she extinguished the lantern, and with a blanket pulled over her head, attempted to sleep away the fury of the storm and try to forget what she had seen in its dark roiling clouds.”  

The Darkening series:
Dark Confluence – The Darkening, #1
Dark Destination – The Darkening, #2 re-release later 2016
Dark Destiny – The Darkening, #3 re-release later 2016

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Author Info
Rosemary Fryth lives in a small, quiet Australian country town in an upland region that is known as ‘Celtic Country’. She is the author of the self-published ‘Riothamus’ and ‘The Darkening’ trilogies, and the poetry anthology ‘Elemental’. Her interests include medieval and ancient history, paleoanthropology, astrophysics, and sculpting. Rosemary lives a happy and peaceful life with her beloved husband in an eighty year old cottage. They care for one and a half cats, four chickens, and a pond full of frogs. Rosemary will this year be formalising her lifelong love of writing by starting an online Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Writing, at a local University.
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