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READ-2-REVIEW - Romance Trysts No 2 Nikki & Mike by Rosetta Bloom

Romance: Trysts No. 2 Nikki & Mike
by Rosetta Bloom
Published June 8th 2015
Genre: Erotica, Interracial Romance

The Book Junkie Reads . . . Review of Romance: Trysts No. 2 Nikkie & Mike . . .
Hot, steamy quickie read. This is a part of a mini-series of romantic trysts. To say the least this was worth the time to get down to the read that will leave you wanting just a bit more. 

Finding a man that likes the things she likes was rare for Nikki. But low and behold she just so happen to find Mike. He's nice, kind, warm, and open to fun. There was a little something to keep you interested for the whole read. This quickie hits the spot. 

I'm up for another QUICKIE.

**This eBook was provided by Rosetta Bloom the author in exchange for an honest review.**

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Romance: Trysts Volumes 1-4 

Trysts are always short, sexy and scintillating. Sometimes they’re sweet and sometimes they’re downright sinful.

Nikki is a good girl who tries to follow the straight and narrow path. But, when a breakup turns her life haywire, Nikki decides it's time not just to be good, but to be good to herself.

Enter Mike, a handsome stranger with farm boy charms and a rocking body. Can he give Nikki what she's been missing recently?

In this hot and steamy tale, Mike and Nikki find each other and a little something else, too.

Author Info
Rosetta Bloom loves a good love story. She also likes a steamy tale with two characters who find solace in each other's arms. So, she writes romance and erotic romances, and all of them end happily, because Rosetta hates sad endings. If you want a story that has a few surprises, and lots of heart, then she's writing the story for you.

Rosetta Bloom's first novella, The Princess, the Pea and the Night of Passion was published in December 2014. Her second novella in the Passion-Filled Fairy Tales series, Beauty and Her Beastly Love, was published in January 2015. In May of 2015, she began publishing a series of short tales as part of her Romance: Trysts series. The trysts are fairly erotic in nature, and lots of fun. They're called Romance: Trysts because despite their shortness, there's a touch of romance in each that should you make smile (after you catch your breath from the steamy love scenes). 

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