Monday, January 18, 2016

NetGalley Review of The Bad Boy CEO (Destiny, #1) by Sugar Jamison

The Bad Boy CEO 

(Destiny, #1)


This is not the witty, fun, hilarious musing that you would expect from the author of the Perfect Fit series. This is something different with a different tone set. There are some obstacles that were not quite overcome. Earning this read a 3star rating from the Book Junkie Reads. . . 

Colt was an azz in every sense of the world but he was an azz that had respect for women. He was way too consumed with money and making money. He was a bit overwhelming in some points but then you could understand some of it. I just could not get myself to love him. Like, yes. 

Zanna was the girl from no where. She was the girl with nothing. Until she had something and that was being threatened. She was not expecting the tall, sexy CEO to come in and make life better. What she got was challenge and attraction. 

Then there were the bad, tough guys that were little more than pussy's in pants and a bad attitude. When the tables were turned and fire fought with fire. They backed down. Some regrouped but there was still that taste of being nothing more than a pussy. 

This ARC copy was offered via NetGalley for an honest review.