Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Review of Alexa Wilder The Reckless Secret, Book 1 of 3

The Reckless Secret, Book One 

(An Alpha Billionaire In love BBW Romance)

by Alexa Wilder

Maggie is a BBW with a good job, all be it not what her family wants for her, but she is independent. Hard working and loves her brother to a fault. She had a crush on a very delicious, very hot, very wealthy man that she should have never dare dream of, but fate has a way of saying screw that. She took fate’s offering and it did not turn to her liking when the offering walked out on her on their second date and then showed up with another thinner blond.  To top all that, Mr. Delicious_Hot_Wealthy is one of her brother friends. 

Declan. What can I say? This man is delicious from the word go. He makes alpha male and wealthy look so good. He has a sharp mind and a keen wit. He knows what he wants but going about getting it has proved to be a bit difficult for him. Maggie has been a sweet obsession for him for years, yet she does not know this. Wilder make you want to dive in, pull up a comfy-n-cozy chair, nice warm blanket, and some quite to enjoy the offerings. 

I started just wanting to get a quick feel of the first chapter but was drawn in and done in under two hours. I so need MORE!!! When will it come?

Alexa Wilder has delivered another five star read for me. I love the way she makes things work for the BBW, feisty, spunky, good hearted, insanely sweet and well rounded. She lets the family she loves pick and poke but she makes it through. There is something with the fact that Maggie knew who she was and what she wanted to be. She did not let the money of her family suede her any other way. 

Alexa Wilder has been a sucker for romance since she found her first Harlequin at a hospital rummage sale when she was thirteen. While she loves all forms of the written word (so much that she occasionally gets caught reading the cereal box at breakfast), love stories have always been her favorite.

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