Sunday, January 18, 2015

NetGalley's present If I Were You . . .


If I Were You (Inside Out #1)*

by Lisa Renee Jones

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Super hot, panty melting experience all in one delicious location.

Sara McMillan has been given a chance to see life for herself as it could be. All this with the simple exchange of a diary to an unknown woman and then to have a summer job handed to her on a silver plater. She only has to take this chance that can take her to heights she has never imagined. Mark starts her ride into the unknown, yet oddly intriguing. This is book one in a series that is told in the fist person POV of Sara.

Sara's experience is only enhanced by her in person encounter with one man that makes her say. . .“I can feel this man in every part of my body and he has not even touched me. She has admired him from a far for a while. The pages begins to burn up with the onslaught of intense passion set between these two. This is only a drop in the bucket of what is playing out. 

This first book ends with questions and mystery. Bring on the next book. 

Jones has out done herself thus far for me.

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