Sunday, July 13, 2014

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Held for Ransomby Renee Rose

Held for Ransomrating 5 of 5 stars
status Read from July 13, 2014
format ebook
review*  Historical erotica can make any woman of the day blush all the way to her insides.  I enjoyed this read fully.  I was excited to have a man's man handling the reins and exerting the power.    Sir Gorran’s people disappear and like a man he decides that kidnapping the  Princess Ariana is a smart thing to do.  I find that the characters here a well developed and full.  There is something that sparks right off the pages.

I love a good historical romance and this one has taken me one the mother ship of historical journeys. Intimacy shared places her release and his capture into a new category. Held for Ransom puts one in the mind to think of the impossible and expound upon it to make it the possible.

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Chase You To The Sun (Stardust Erotic Romance Series #3)

by Jocelyn Han

Chase You To The Sun (Stardust Erotic Romance Series #3)rating 5 of 5 stars
status Read from July 13, 2014
format ebook
review*  Action, Suspense, Romance, Drama, and more.

Svetlana (Lana) Ivanova lands a job on Desida One as trade liaison for the Russian Elite, which her father is a  member.   She is not your typical spoiled little rich girl.  She wants to be her own woman.  Her and her friends are in for an education in what the real world is all about.

Lana comes to learn a lot of things about her family that she may never have questioned or even been really concerned about.  While in the custody of Bruce Randall, a pirate and worst enemy of her father, he gives her the greatest lesson on life and not believing everything you hear or read. This is a hot steamy futuristic read of romance and the darker side.

I must say this is my first read by this author and I am looking forward to more of her work.  I will first start with this series back at the beginning. Futuristic romance has definitely been place a little higher on my reading radar.

Net Galley ARC read.

Sapphire Blueby G. Doucette

Sapphire Bluerating 4 of 5 stars
status Read from June 22, 2014
format ebook
review*  Dark, Raw, Explicit, Incomprehensible, all of it makes for a read that is out of this world.  Mara Cantor’s life  is just the way she wants it to be or so she believes that it is.   Argent Leeds is the man every other man seems to want to be rich, handsome, and famous.  Or is this all just a facade.

The story here is intriguing to a point and disturbing on other levels.  After the spell is cast and things star to play out it becomes very intense and overwhelming.  The faint of heart, weak minded, or stomach, close minded should not pick this up.  You will be upset with yourself.   I do recommend to any and all those that love a great dark, intriguing, compelling, raw erotic romance.

Net Galley ARC read.

Crossing the Lines (Neighborly Affection #2)by M.Q. Barber

Crossing the Lines (Neighborly Affection, #2)rating 5 of 5 stars
status Read from July 13, 2014
format ebook
review*  MMF, BDSM, MM, erotic romance at is height of goodness.  

Alice, Henry, and Jay have much to get together in this second installment of 'Neighborly Affection'.  This time around Alice may have to pay a much higher price then just pure sexual enjoyment. Her heart may be engaged and the may not be a good thing at all.  I find Alice's dilemma of whether or not to stay when she realize what is going on within her to be open and honest.  She has struggle and is not sure how she will fair in the end.

Henry is the Dominant of the trio, for the most part, and he has a vulnerable side that is in no way over shadows the force of nature he can be.  He gets the chance to show this side of himself and how he can still maintain who he is.  

Jay and Alice both have to learn their roles to perfection and make this work for them all. I have to admit that if you are one that has to have some serious BDSM this may not light your fire. But if you are one that can take a good read and run with it, then you will enjoy this one.

Explicit sex, graphic language, BDSM, bondage, spanking, MMF ménage, MF sex, MM sex.  This putting things mildly.  Barber takes you on a seriously erotic trip that makes the impossible sound almost possible.

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