Saturday, May 6, 2017

BOOK BLITZ - Hard Rock Sin (Darkest Days, #3) by Athena Wright

Hard Rock Sin
Darkest Days, #3
by Athena Wright
Publication date: May 2nd 2017
Genres: New Adult, Romance
But the sinfully hot rock star, known for his wild parties and lady killer reputation, is the bassist in my brother’s band. And I know my brother. He’ll kill Cameron if he looks at me twice.

Which means the two of us will never be more than friends.

Only… Cameron keeps staring at me like he wants to throw me on his bed. He keeps licking his lips like he’s thinking of tasting me.

Cameron wants me too.

We know there will be hell to pay. I’m his bandmate’s little sister. But neither of us can fight it.

This rock star god will do anything to keep me. 

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