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SPOTLIGHT w/INTERVIEW - Legacy Lost Hell’s Valley, #2 by Jillian David

Legacy Lost
Hell’s Valley, #2
by Jillian David
Date of Publication: March 27th 2017
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Western Romance
Tagline: The melding of the contemporary western with paranormal elements—think Big Valley meets Alphas—makes for a compelling, fresh mix for Jillian David’s sophomore series.
Growing up as an honorary Taggart, Eric Patterson found the family he’d always wanted. Almost. He couldn’t ever manage to see the clan’s youngest and only daughter, stubborn spitfire Shelby, quite like a little sister. Suddenly, his long-suppressed feelings are determined to come to light.

Too bad Shelby’s cursed. Her double whammy psychic powers to read emotions and locate anyone anywhere have always made relationships impossible—and now they’ve begun to endanger her life. If she uses her echolocation skills again, it just might kill her.

But when a malevolent supernatural force invades the valley, threatening the Taggarts and their neighbors, the Brands, Eric and Shelby must contend with both their blossoming feelings and the increasing danger. Does Shelby dare risk using her powers one more time, sacrificing her own life to save Eric?
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Wait until Eric found out she could read anyone’s emotions.
Not that she’d ever tell him.
It was bad enough he knew about her homing beacon skills.
A wave of something else wafted over her filters. Warm, smoky caramel. The scent of Eric’s concern and worry about her.
His light brown brows drew together. “So, how’s your breathing? Really?” By the way he asked, he damn well knew the answer.
“Want to try that answer again?” The curve of his sensual mouth pressed into a hard line as he studied her. Did he seriously move into a wide alpha-dude stance? Not that she was affected by him. No way. Her disgust stemmed from the fact that hard muscled, denim-clad legs like those should be illegal to display without a license.
“Sure.” She suppressed a betraying wheeze. “How about it’s none of your business and let’s get back to work?”
He barked what passed for a laugh and moved not one inch. “You bet it’s my business.” He extended a work-roughened hand toward her then dropped it. “I can’t believe you’re on call for Search and Rescue in this condition.”
“In this condition?” Virtual heat steamed from the top of her head. “Now you’re checking on my condition?”
“I’m an EMT, same as you. Someone should assess how you’re doing since you refused medical treatment after the fire.”
“Don’t need to assess anything. I’m fine.”
He rolled a gloved hand into a fist and propped it on a central beam, leaning like he wanted to shove down the entire structure. “Damn it, Shel, you’re going to get yourself killed if you don’t take care of yourself. I’m one of the team leaders on Search and Rescue. And I will pull you from a mission if you’re not healthy.”

Irritation crackled along her nerves. No way could she give in to the undertone of concern in his voice. “That would be the last thing on earth that you did, getting in my way of doing my job.”
His mouth barely moved. “If it’s a medical call, I’ll do it.”
“This conversation was getting too serious too quickly. And she couldn’t detect a rock bottom for this uncomfortable chat. “So now you’re a medical expert?”
“As close as we’re going to get right now.”
Spin the topic, damn it. Change the subject. Now. “No way, dude. You’re not evaluating my medical condition. Because then I’d have to make you wear the stupid nurse costume and call you ‘ma’am.’”
He paused then shook his head. With a glint in his dark blue eyes, he shot her a broad grin that made her heart flop. “How about I wear the hat?”
“Well . . . ”
“And nothing else.”
Today’s verbal judo wasn’t working like it normally did. Her cheeks warmed up at the thought of an exam by Eric. With him wearing only a nurse’s cap. That image cast her childhood friend in a whole new and uncomfortable light. She broke eye contact. Nope. Nothing would ever happen beyond friendship, and life was better for both of them that way.
Because, with her crappy gift to detect emotion, Shelby’s problem wasn’t intimacy, it was the aftermath, the judgment, the inevitable disapproval, the garbage and static that came along with even the nicest thoughts. Way too much closeness.
She and Eric were friends. That’s the way it had been for years, and that’s how it would be for years to come. Period.
“Fine, Nurse Patterson.” She sniffed. “But I get to decide how to use the stethoscope and blood pressure cuff.”
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Thank you for inviting me to your fabulous blog!

How would you describe your style of writing to someone that has never read your work?
In general, I operate best at the junction of paranormal, adventure, and suspense. And the love scenes are pretty darn steamy. My characters get into some pretty insane situations. And I’ve been told more than once that I “do know how to write a torture scene”. Oddly, that’s a reader response I’m proud of. (Not the torture part, per se, but the fact that readers get a gut reaction to my stories and can experience or feel what’s happening.)

What are some of your writing/publishing goals for this year?
Next goal is getting books #3 and #4 in the Hell’s Valley series published. They’re written and currently being revised…so look for book #3 hopefully in the late summer and #4 in the fall or early winter! If you think Shelby and Eric’s story was wild, then wait for what I do to this beleaguered family next!

Do you feel that writing is an ingrained process or just something that flows naturally for you?
Both. My best work is when I’ve “interviewed” my characters thoroughly, figured out their quirks and backgrounds, and plotted out the story. Then, I sit down and write and at that point, the words tend to fly out of my fingers onto the page.

Do you have a character that you have been working on for a long time that still isn't quite ready, but fills you with excitement to work on the story?
The youngest Taggart brother, Kerr. He’s a wounded vet (inside and out) with supernatural powers of his own. When his story occurs, the stakes for his family and the woman he loves are as high as they can go, and failure means the loss of everything in his world – including his own sanity and life.

If you could spend one-week with 5 fictional characters, who would they be?
Yowza, great question. Let’s see…
#1) Aquaman (as played by Jason Momoa) because…holy mackerel. (Mackerel. Get it?)
#2) Wonder Woman because she is kick-ass and can give me awesome tips on being brave and strong.
#3) Rhage from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. I absolutely love his and Mary’s story. Have reread it multiple times and swoon every single time.
#4) The Genie from Aladdin. If I had 3 wishes…oh, the amazing things I could do!
#5) Princess Leia

Where would you spend one full year, if you could go ANYWhere? What would you do with this time?
First choice would be New Zealand, and I’d explore the country all year long. But I wouldn’t get much work done.
Second choice? In a well-stocked cabin in the woods where I could sit in the quiet and write, write, write.
Third choice? Alpha Centauri or whatever star system has humanoid alien life. That would be SO AWESOME to experience first contact out in space.

Can you share you next creative project(s)? If yes, can you give a few details?
First, I want to finish out Hell’s Valley. (4 books projected for the series) At this time, I’ve also got a romantic suspense series brewing – more details to come later!

Thank you for having me on the Book Junkie Reads. If readers have any questions or comments, I love to connect on Twitter @jilliandavid13 or via email or they can check out my Facebook page @authorjilliandavid!

Thank you, Jillian

I have to say that you chose some great characters to spend time with. Oh, the things that you could learn from them. I loved to choices for getaways for a year. You chose something that would expand your mind in some way. Thank you for allowing me to ask you these questions. And best wishes with the future.

Thanks again,
TBJR . . .

Author Info
Jillian David lives near the end of the Earth with her nut of a husband and two bossy cats. To escape the sometimes-stressful world of the rural physician, she writes while on call and in her free time. She enjoys taking realistic settings and adding a twist of “what if.” Running or hiking on local trails often promotes plot development.
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