Saturday, March 4, 2017

BOOK BLITZ - Dax (The Player, #2) by Nana Malone

The Player, #2
by Nana Malone
Publication date: February 28th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Sports
Money, power, prestige…trouble. Dax Coulter is … The Player.


Forget prodigal son, forget black sheep. Most of the Coulter family would just as soon disown Dax for his bad boy, womanizing ways. But, with his career in jeopardy and the Coulter legacy on the line, he needs to turn it all around. Too bad the one person who can help him, has legs for miles and curves for days…and is his best friend’s little sister. For once he can focus on the game and not on her body right?

Asha Wix is used to following all the rules. And with a family like hers that isn’t easy. She’s learned that to be seen and have merit, she needs to eat, breathe, sleep football. When she’s given the chance to change the reputation of league bad boy, Dax Coulter, she sees a chance to shine. Too bad, the sexy bad boy has her thinking about breaking all the rules and doing something a lot naughtier than sleeping football.

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