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Book Blitz - Bette and the Beast (Hotel Ever After, #1) by Liza Penn

Bette & the Beast
Hotel Ever After, #1
by Liza Penn
Publication date: September 13th 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance

From The Book Junkie Reads . . . Bette & the Beast (Hotel Ever After, #1) . . .
This was a quick afternoon read that brought 'Beauty and the Beast' in to the modern 21st century and has allowed for more of the fairytale land to live in today's world. Bette I found to be sweet and strong. She would not allow for her cherished book store to be sold just to be torn down and an expensive hotel put in its place. Richard Dickson finds a way to meet the stubborn bookstore owner while at the same time discovery his past with a new fresh look about it. 

In this journey to Bette’s HEA with Richard we are introduced to a host of character that you are intrigued by and pulled in to guessing in what way their story will be told. Which fairytale will their dream be like? I enjoyed meeting new character with a slight twist to the way the original story was told.  I so look forward to seeing more of Ella, Bette, Richard, Eric, Zelda (Zel), Aria and other new character that will be introduced along the trip to happy Ever After hotel.  Fairhaven has a whole new outlook thanks to Hotel Ever After, Richard & Bette. And let's not forget where it all began, teh Happily Ever After Bookstore.

No cheating. No cliffhangers. A good story that will keep you turning pages. I look forward to more from this quaint little town and the character at the Ever After Hotel.

Bette owns Fairhaven’s only bookstore…but only barely. She’s struggling with bills, but she refuses to sell to the hotel mogul Richard Dickson because he only wants to tear down the beloved store and replace it with a hotel. Can these two find a compromise and save the bookstore?
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Richard’s eyebrow quirked up. His hands slid lower, lingering on the silk stocking covering her knees, then they slipped under her skirt, his fingers toying with the straps of her garter, sliding up and down, dipping under the top of her silk stockings, dancing higher and higher up toward the lace of her panties.
“You put these on for me to find,” he said.
It was not a question, but Bette still denied it. “I just prefer them to regular hose,” she said, tilting her head up. “They’re…”
Richard grinned wickedly. “Sexier,” he said. “And you know it.”
Bette didn’t deign to answer.
“And that’s why you wore them for me.” Richard said. His voice was getting lower.
“And what if I did?” Bette asked.
“Then,” Richard said, his hand sliding up Bette skirt, wrapping around her black-lace covered hips, “you deserve a reward.”

Welcome to the world of Happily Ever Afters...
Each of the Hotel Ever After books is (very) loosely based on a fairy tale. Which means they're all guaranteed to have a happily ever after. They're also guaranteed to have a (very) sexy twist. My heroines aren't literally princesses, but they are very much in control of their destiny--and they're not afraid to take exactly what they want from their prince charmings!
This new series of novellas releases monthly. Each one is about 75 pages long—perfect for an afternoon tryst—and they promise happy endings for all ;)

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Author Info
Liza Penn is the pseudonym of an author living with her family in the piedmont of the Carolinas. She writes the Hotel Ever After books for fun and values her privacy.
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