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Virtual Tour - Blood Bound (Blood Ravagers, #1) by Traci Douglass

Blood Bound
Blood Ravagers, #1
by Traci Douglass
Release Date: October 10th 2016

From The Book Junkie Reads . . . Blood Bound (Blood Ravagers, #1) . . .
Anna and Dante gave me mixed vibes on them as characters and more so as being the leading characters for the first book of a series. I did however enjoy Dante much more than Anna. She just seemed to be so focused to start out. Then her focus was gone. She needed to find herself before she led a search for her sister.

The world of MC and paranormal works well for me. Then just for a little extra make it BDSM. How could you go wrong? Well let me just say that Anna needs some work or a clue. Danta needs to take a stand.

Anna Frost had a bad feeling when her twin sister, Liz, told her she’d run off with a member of the notorious Otherworld biker gang, the Blood Ravagers. And her unease skyrockets when her sister subsequently vanishes. The police have no authority and little interest, so Anna decides to take matters into her own hands by infiltrating the group to discover for herself what happened to Liz, where she meets….

Dante, half demon, half human. A mix of two worlds, accepted by neither, he’s had no choice but to learn the hard way how to play whatever side of the fence kept him alive during his nearly 500 years of existence. Now, as second-in-command of the Blood Ravagers biker gang, his survival depends on keeping his humanity a secret. Dante’s ultimate goal is to fulfill the vows he made over two centuries ago to create a world where half-breeds can live in safety and equality.

But when sheltered schoolteacher Anna finds unexpected, white-hot passion in the arms of Dante, will her quest for the truth cost him more than he ever bargained for? Or will they find a way to save Liz – and their love – together?
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“You take care of that problem?” Basher snarled as they rode side-by-side down the highway, taking up both lanes. “We can’t afford some other nosy human bitch poking around.”
“Yes, I took care of it,” Dante shouted over the roar of the wind. Part of him wished he could take care of Anna Frost even more, but his guilt and what was left of his conscience would not let him.
Not yet anyway.
Not until she knew exactly who she was.
Exactly what she was and what would be expected of her.
By then it would be too late. For both of them.
Basher puffed on the cigarette dangling from his lips then leaned forward as he gained speed. The engine on his custom Harley squealed under the strain and the harsh sunlight carved out all the craggy lines of his face. With the physical appeal of a feral rat, Basher looked like he had walked straight out of some B-rate biker movie and straight into a cheese grater. He was all stark sinew and ragged bone. Dante stayed with the Blood Ravagers, not because he enjoyed pandering to a bigoted, misogynistic asshole of a bully, but for self-preservation. If Basher knew what Dante really was, what he had planned, he would drown him in acid, skin him alive.
Not necessarily in that order.
The gang leader’s voice croaked out with the gruff resonance of a two-pack-a-day smoker. “She remind you of anybody?”
Yes. “No.” Dante lied. “Why?”
Basher gave him a side glare. “She’s the same as that other bitch you took care of a few weeks ago, yeah?”
Dante remained silent, staring down the road ahead. It had not been smart of him to play dumb. Dumb did not survive long around Basher. The guy was a blunt instrument, a full-blooded wrath demon with a sadistic streak as wide and deep as the Grand Canyon. He tortured first and asked questions later, if his victims survived. Usually they did not. And he always, always looked out for number one.
Which was what had brought them out here, to the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains. Basher had seen an opportunity to increase his wealth, a demand in the Otherworld that had yet to be met. A need for human psychics—as chattel, as a means to his end. The gang had spent years abducting them, testing them, keeping the good ones and eliminating the frauds. Over the past decade alone Basher had captured and sold untold numbers, always on the lookout for the special ones.
The ones who might fulfill the prophecy.
The Oracle.
A being so powerful they would bind a gang together and render them nearly invincible to attack. Basher hoped to take control of The Oracle and twist their psychic powers to do his bidding, if he found them first.
Dante had done what was necessary to prevent that from happening.
Now, he just prayed it would be enough.
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Author Info
Traci is a USA Today Bestselling Author of Contemporary and Paranormal Romance. Her stories feature sizzling heroes full of dark humor, quick wits and major attitudes and heroines who are smart, tenacious, and always give as good as they get. She holds an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University and she loves animals, chocolate, coffee, hot British actors, and sarcasm—not necessarily in that order.
How would you describe your style of writing to someone that has never read your work?
Great question. Smart, funny, snarky, with a slightly literary feel. I love a good opposites attract-type trope and love a wounded hero and heroine who find their redemption through the trials and tribulations of loving each other.

What mindset or routine do you feel the need to set when preparing to write (in general whether you are working on a project or just free writing)?
When I first started out, I was what people call a “pantser”. Without deadlines to meet, you can just let the story wander and take you where it will. However, once you’ve got contracts and deadlines and editors, I find a plan works best. Now, I try to get at least a basic blueprint down when I start a book, and power write through a dirty first drafts. Then I go back and polish it in revisions, making three or four passes to focus on different areas like plot or characterization or romantic conflict each time. I don’t have a specific routine, since I also write freelance for my day job. Just give me my laptop, my coffee, my music and earbuds to tune out reality, and I’m good. J

Do you take your character prep to heart? Do you nurture the growth of each character all the way through to the page? Do you people watch to help with development? Or do you build upon your character during story creation?
Absolutely. Characters are what make the story and drive the plot, or should be. Without fully fleshed, three-dimensional people in the world your building, it all falls flat and feels forced and mechanical. People watching is a great way to learn more about real reactions and emotions and conflict. I usually start out doing a detailed bio for each of my main (POV) characters and also my villain. These also include pictures and setting descriptions, horoscopes, and enneagram types. And yes, many times characters will reveal more about themselves as your writing. That’s where the beauty of revisions comes in. J

Have you found yourself bonding with any particular character? If so which one(s)?
I have to say, that of all of my heroes so far, I feel closest to Dante. He’s had a tough go in life so far, all because of his genetics, but he’s remained a good, strong man inside regardless. I think anyone who’d ever felt like they were different or didn’t belong can relate to him. Not to mention he’s dead sexy and would do anything to protect his woman. What’s not to love about that?

Do you have a character that you have been working on that you can't wait to put to paper?
I’ve just finished Dex’s story, Book Two in the Blood Ravagers series, and I’m gearing up to start of Rev’s journey in Book Three. Dex is such a sweetheart and has survived such horrors in his past that I just want to hug him tight and tell him everything will be okay. And Rev? I’m pretty excited to start his story. An eons old vampire assassin with a hidden agenda and killer looks. Rawr!

Have you ever felt that there was something inside of you that you couldn't control? If so what? If no what spurs you to reach for the unexperienced?
Not really, other than my cravings for chocolate. LOL. I just love exploring new worlds and new possibilities and meeting new characters on the page. That’s what spurs me on and keeps me writing. The eternal question of What If…?

Thanks so much for  having me on your blog today and Happy Reading!
Traci J
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