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Read-2-Review - The Spicy Secrets of a Jet-$et Temptress, Part 1: Learning The Life by Lantana Bleu

The Spicy Secrets of a Jet-$et Temptress:
Learning The Life
The Spicy Secrets of a Jet-$et Temptress, Part 1
by Lantana Bleu
Publish Date: May 3rd 2016
Publisher: Lionesse Books

The Book Junkie Reads . . . Review of The Spicy Secrets of a Jet-Set Temptress: Learning The Life . . .
I have say that I had myself a good time jet setting around and experiencing the life that less than 10% of the world gets a taste of on a regular basis. I could see this life of Melisse belong to some unnamed woman working to maker her way in a world that eats people like her for breakfast and spit you out at lunch. I could relate to the story on a more humane connection. The pain, sorrow, joy, insight, confusion, illusions, and so much more.  There were hints of truth being doled out and consumed along the way. The chase of each new page brought more to the surface. The more engaging portions literally captured your attention, emotions, and pulled a few heart strings. 

Melisse was a dual natured person living in a world that would not allow for her to be herself. She had moment of complete frankness. Delusion all gone and the truth of it all was sat before you on a humble plate of life. 

I enjoyed the beginning of Melisse's journey. I am looking to turning the pages of the next part of The Spicy Secrets of a Jet-$et Temptress. I found the writing engaging. The characters realistic. The interactions intriguing. I want to know where life takes Melisse.
**This ARC was provided via Masquerade Tours in exchange for an honest review.**

Good Girls may go to heaven. But Jet-Set Temptresses go everywhere. 

Miss Melisse is a high-priced call girl at the top of her game. She’s a sweet, smart and sassy vixen who always leaves them wanting more. AND she’s sharing her advice and success secrets with you, here…Melisse is more than a beautiful woman living the life of a modern courtesan. Even while satisfying the needs and desires of men who seek her out for sex, fantasy fulfillment and faux friendship, she secretly yearns to experience true love. 

She is also driven by a singular vision: to start La Fantasia—a luxurious, secret spa retreat—where women can relax and safely know pleasures beyond their wildest dreams with men they’ve only fantasized about…Can she find real love—and fulfill her dreams—while navigating “The Life?” 

This is Part 1, Learning The Life, in the Spicy Secrets Series: In this coming of age story, young Melisse must suddenly survive on her own in the big city. She learns the nitty gritty of the old bump and grind in seedy strip joints before graduating to a deluxe ‘finishing school’ for ladies of the evening—a luxurious and discreet NYC bordello—where she learns the skills and subtleties of seduction. There she meets a mysterious madam/mentor named GG who inspires her to pursue a special goal…and she befriends a sexy new partner-in-crime named Shishapuss. With experience and some upgrades, she quickly becomes a sought-after and sensual independent entertainer holding court in Manhattan and traveling the world with her well-heeled clients (and playing with spicy hotties in her spare time). While craftily juggling a colorful portfolio of rich, kinky and needy men (and one wily Middle-Eastern Sheik) she runs into the irresistible Brahim, a charismatic and fun-loving smarty pants with spicy secrets of his own. When sparks fly and love is ignited, this hot new guy might just be the greatest love of her life. Their first kiss has already got her wondering: Is there more to life than turning premium tricks?... And should she spare him a little of her (expensive) time?

From Lantana Bleu . . .
Hello Lovers of Erotic Romance!

I am thrilled that you've found me and my series of literary, erotic, comedic romances, titled "The Spicy Secrets of a Jet Set Temptress." I hope you'll be entertained, engrossed, and enlivened by reading the trilogy that chronicles the life, loves, and lusts of Miss Melisse, an escort girl at the top of her game in NYC.

These sizzling page-turners are chick lit with a high heat index. They have strong elements of literature, plenty of spice, and a lot of comedy. Call them my trashy novels with a heart of gold. My books take readers on a magic carpet ride of lust, love and pleasure for sale. They are full of exotic scenes and glamorous living, erotic adventures and--uniquely--saucy sex tips throughout on how best to please men both physically and psychologically, passed down to the main character as she learned the trade of a high-priced call girl.

Told from a real insider's point of view (that would be me, the author, a retired courtesan) these books serve up a heady mix of sexual fantasies and titillation but add an extra human dimension in exploring the heart and soul of a strong female lead character yearning for "real" romance while using her sexual know-how to please even her kinkiest clients.

It is my hope that you'll be entertained by the drama, fun and games, and sexy scenes of the book. But for those who are interested in learning the secrets and techniques of the call girls, I'm hoping you can use my bite-size lessons to spice up your own romantic and sex lives, turning my knowledge of men's secret selves to their advantage.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my work with you. Please enjoy!

Kind regards from 
Lantana Bleu, Author of The Spicy Secrets of a Jet $et Temptress
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