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Promo Tour - Ever My Love:The Lore of the Lucius Ring (The Legend of the Theodosia Sword, #2)

Ever My Love:
The Lore of the Lucius Ring
(The Legend of the Theodosia Sword, #2)
by Kathryn Le Veque, Eliza Knight, Suzan Tisdale,
Cheryl Bolen, Sabrina York, and Susan Stoker.
Publication date: July 12th 2016
Genre: Romance

USA Today and New York Times bestselling authors

The heart of a legend. The only chance for love. The hope that the Fates will be kind before time runs out.

The long-awaited sequel to the original multi-genre USA TODAY bestselling collection, With Dreams Only Of You: The Legend of the Theodosia Sword, has finally arrived. Welcome to EVER MY LOVE: THE LORE OF THE LUCIUS RING, a multi-genre new material collection unlike any other romance collection available today.

Six of the top authors in their genres bring you this powerhouse collection based upon the common thread of a cursed ring, passed down through the female line descended from Theodosia herself. Only a woman may bear the burden of the ring said to curse she who wears it. When the owner of the ring finds love, the stone remains crimson and assures her life-long happiness. But if she does not find love by her twenty-fifth birthday, the ring will turn dark and she will be forever cursed with loneliness.

Join the descendants of Theodosia as they grapple with a family legend that follows them through centuries of hope, heartache, adventure, and romance in seven amazing segments:

In Ancient Rome - The ring, and its curse, begin with the beautiful Theodosia.

Medieval England - The ring finds its way into a notorious outlaw's possession only to curse the woman he loves.

The Scottish Highlands - The ring escapes with a little girl... and the curse follows.

Tudor England - The ring once again becomes the prize for the lawless when an infamous female pirate tries to steal it from a Queen’s Naval Captain.

Georgian Era - Twin sisters vie for the ring - and for the Duke of Axminster.

Regency England - The ring enters the proud and proper Regency set where the curse finds new life.

Modern Times - Mistaken identity, soul mates, and the last chance for the ring to fulfill its destiny.

Seven unique and powerful brand-new stories take the legend of the Lucius Ring through the ages. Discover how each woman finds her own love, peace, and happiness. The ring that can tear them apart is also the one that binds them.

The heart of a legend. The only hope for love... will each lady find her destiny before time runs out?
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Alexander Halsey, the Duke of Axminster, did not attend assemblies. He avoided Ranelagh pleasure gardens as consistently as he boycotted balls. To preserve his ducal peace, he made it a general rule that he never attended functions where matchmaking mamas and unwed damsels would contrive to snare him with their beauty, accomplishments, and dazzling wit. He’d yet to meet a lady in whom that trio of attributes combined.
He had made an exception tonight.
He had agreed to dine with Lord Tolworth even knowing the earl was father to two reputed beauties his countess was anxious to marry off—especially to a duke.
Dining with the man Alex considered the wisest and most respected member of the House of Lords was worth sitting through a dinner in which Lady Tolworth would sing the praises of her twin girls. Alex fully expected to be informed that the beauties could sing like nightingales. That the Childe girls could dance with the grace of a swan was also sure to affirmed.  It would not surprise him if Lady Tolworth just happened to mention that her accomplished daughters presided over a salon brimming with besotted admirers every day they were in the Capital.
When Lady Tolworth and her twins entered the drawing room, he stood. His quick glance confirmed the twins were possibly identical, slender, and taller than average. Pretty, too. As a gentleman, he directed his attentions on their mother. “Ah, Lady Tolworth, I thought for a moment Lord Tolworth must have three daughters,” Alex flattered when the host presented his wife to the duke.
“Your grace is far too kind.” Her lashes lowered, then her glance lifted to the daughter nearest her. “Allow me to present to you my daughter, Lady Fannia.”
There was no coy dropping of lashes with this miss. She flashed a brilliant smile upon him as she curtsied, never removing her sparkling gaze from his. “I cannot deny what a pleasure it is to meet you, your grace. Though you never attend assemblies, we’ve heard much about you. How gratifying it is to finally make your acquaintance.”
He was immediately struck over her face. It was, quite possibly, the finest bone structure he’d ever beheld. Her cheekbones were high, the light brown brows perfectly arched, her aquiline nose sheer perfection, and her full mouth as flawless as the rest of the face. There was a delicacy about her slender appearance that was at odds with the confidence she exuded.
“And it’s a pleasure to meet the Childe sisters.” He eyed the second one. Then he quickly looked back at Lady Fannia to confirm that they were indeed twins. He felt certain they were, but this second one seemed vastly different. She possessed the same remarkable face, but her hair looked as if she had just climbed from her bed, and unlike her sister, she wore no jewelry.
Lord Tolworth stepped up and introduced this sister. “Your grace, it is my pleasure to present my daughter Lady Annia to you.”
The much more shy Lady Annia stepped forward, but only barely met his gaze before lowering her lashes as she dipped into a curtsy. Alex would wager this sister, unlike her mother,  did not avert her gaze from coyness. She appeared genuinely reticent.
“I am charmed,” Alex said to the more modest twin.
She looked up to him and smiled. “I look forward to hearing you discuss Parliament.”
Of the hundreds of maidens he’d met, this was the first who admitted to an interest politics. How singular. 
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