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Release Day Blitz - Destiny's Chance by Cara Bristol

Destiny’s Chance
by Cara Bristol
Date of Publication: July 25th 2016
Publisher: Cara Bristol
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

From The Book Junkie Reads . . . Destiny’s Chance . . .
When fate offers don’t turn it down. Take fate and run with it. Destiny took the one chance she would every have at getting Chance all to herself. Will Chance turn out to be more than she can handle and will he be okay with the way they came together? All this goes through her mind as she indulges in the opportunity that fate has given her.

The hot, sex filled, quickie gives a good story along with hot, kinky sex and two passionate loves that had to let Destiny’s Chance give them a chance.
**This ARC was provided via Bewitching Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.**

Fate gave her a gift.  Is she brave enough to accept it?

Destiny Grable has loved Chance Everett for as long as she could remember, but he was never interested in her until a tragic act of fate grants her heart’s desire.

Chance is all hers—body, mind, and soul. But once they’re together, she discovers he has a kinky side she never knew about. Is she ready for it? Can she handle it?

And Chance isn’t the only one with a secret. If he discovers what Destiny is hiding, will he still want her?
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Destiny expelled her breath in a heavy sigh and reached for the phone to try her parents one more time.
What the hell? She’d been too wrought by news of Zoe’s death to pay attention to much else, but now she noticed her arm looked…weird. Her wrist seemed thinner, her skin paler, the hair so fine it appeared almost nonexistent. And when had she gotten acrylic nails?
Her pulse rate doubled. The arm, the hand, the silver infinity ring on the index finger weren’t hers, but she recognized them. She fixated on the ID bracelet encircling the skinny wrist. RICHARDS, ZOE. And her friend’s date of birth.
They got the bodies mixed up. Gave you the wrong wristband.
But they couldn’t have switched arms. She flipped her hands over.
Destiny ripped back the covers and swore in frustration when the bed rail fought her frantic efforts to lower it. She forced it down, but her hospital gown caught in the metal. She tore it loose and scrambled for the bathroom.
Bruised and battered, Zoe stared at her from the mirror over the sink.
A nightmare. Wake up! Wake up! “No! No!” Slapping her face, Destiny searched for her plump cheeks, her ski-jump schnoz, and the mocha-brown eyes she considered one of her best features. The image mimicked her movements but presented high cheekbones loved by the camera, a perfect nose, and large blue eyes gone feral.
She yanked up her hospital gown. Where were her hips? Her boobs! She stared at her flat chest. She dropped the gown and screamed.
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Author Info
USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol has published more than twenty-five erotic romance titles, including contemporary, paranormal, and science fiction romance.  No matter what the subgenre, one thing remains constant: her emphasis on character-driven seriously hot erotic stories with sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine. Cara has lived many places in the United States, but currently lives in Missouri with her husband. She has two grown stepkids. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading and traveling.
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How would you describe you style of writing to someone that has never read your work?
Hi, first, let me say, thank you for having me here today! I would describe what I write as fast-paced, erotic and hot, with a touch of humor. I’m an excellent writer, and I write realistic dialogue. I’ve written several paranormals (Destiny’s Chance, Longing, Goddess’s Curse), two science fiction romances series, and contemporary romances. I even wrote one nonfiction book – Naughty Words for Nice Writers, a sex scene thesaurus.

What mindset or routine do you feel the need to set when preparing to write (in general whether you are working on a project or just free writing)?
 It’s discipline. I write every single day. I set word count goals. When I need to think about story, I get up and take a walk. Getting away from the computer helps to break loose the ideas.

Do you take your character prep to heart? Do you nurture the growth of each character all the way through to the page? Do you people watch to help with development? Or do you build upon your character during story creation?
I usually only know very sketchy details about my characters when I begin to write. The characters and the plot develop at the same time. The story shapes the characters, and who they are as people determines the story. Character and story development go hand in hand.  When I start, the characters are just lifeless words on paper. As the story develops, they come alive and it’s almost like they become people I know. Then they take control of the story. Finishing writing a book is a little sad because then I have to say goodbye to all these people I know! By the way, I love people watching in airports!

Have you found yourself bonding with any particular character? If so which one(s)?
I think there is a Pygmalion effect that occurs (falling in love with one’s creation). I strive to put the romance into erotic romance, and that starts with developing appealing heroes. I create men who are sexy, strong and noble. They love deeply and will do anything for their heroine. They’re not perfect. They have their flaws, but they are heroic. Mark from Body Politics, Jordan from Irresistible Attractions and Carter, a secondary character who appears in all the Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance books are some of my favorites. And of course, Chance Everett from Destiny’s Chance.

Do you have a character that you have been working on that you can't wait to put to paper?
Carter Aymes from the Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance series. He’s been a secondary character in the first four books of the series, but he’s going to be getting his own book soon!
Have you ever felt that there was something inside of you that you couldn't control? If so what? If no what spurs you to reach for the unexperienced?
No, I don’t feel there isn’t anything inside me that I can’t control. I’m generally pretty disciplined and pragmatic. I don’t understand the second part of the question. Can you explain what you mean?
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