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READ-2-REVIEW - Money, Power & SEX by Norian Love

Money, Power & Sex

A Love Story

Published by Project 7 Publishing
Published April 18th 2016

Not my typical read but I would say Drama done with Sophistication and some Elegance . . .

The Book Junkie Reads . . . Review of Money, Power, & SEX: A Love Story . . .
Grimy. Gritty. Action. Drama. Twist. Switches. False Romance but a love story all the same. It’s all about the love of money. The love of power. The love of sex.

The back and forth of the struggle begins and ends with ones self. There was no greater motivator than what would make one happy. For some its the love of a good woman/man. For others its the power they willed over another. Then there are those that fell money can rule all things. There are even those select few that know deep down in their hearts that sex fuel the world. With sex you can get all money, power, and love. But what happens when all that comes down to the wire and four entwined lives have to make that very decision for themselves.

If drama fuels you and you thrive on the ins and outs of real life and what comes with it. Then this novel will immerse you in the depths of it all. This was gansta, fly-girl, Love & HipHop drama with sophistication. You have a front seat viewing of the choices that Nichelle, Donovan, Lucas, and Ronnie make in their quest for theirs.

Each character was developed and turned inside out. You can completely understand each of them and where they are coming from. You may not be able to predict where they are heading but you will appreciate the journey. There was a richness about how it all came together. No one person was going to get it all and leave the others all behind. 

**This eBook was provided via Norian Love in exchange for an honest review.**

Four Lives, four separate motives, one unbelievable outcome. Follow this twisting tale, full of romance, action, suspense and drama. Watch each person desperately try to reach their desires and discover why they are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to answer one question. How far are you willing to go for Money, Power and Sex?
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Norian Love was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1979. He grew up in Houston, Texas, where he's lived for the last twenty years. While taking a short hiatus from working for fortune 500 companies as a technology specialist, he rediscovered his passion for writing poetry and released his first book, (Theater of Pain), which was critically acclaimed. The reception and momentum of this book sparked him to create his eagerly anticipated follow up, (Games of The Heart) a few years later. His final installment of his poetic trilogy, (The Dawn or the Dusk) has recently been released and is already receiving praise as the best book in the series.

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