Monday, February 29, 2016

READ-2-REVIEW - Brooklyn Rockstar (Kendall Family, #1) by Jennifer Ann

Brooklyn Rockstar 
 (Kendall Family, #1) 
by Jennifer Ann 
Publication date: March 1st 2016
GenresAdult, Contemporary, Romance

The Book Junkie Reads . . . Review of Brooklyn Rockstar (Kendall Family, #1) . . .
This was an engaging beginning to this new series from Jennifer Ann. My first read has me excitedly anticipating the next release in this series.

There is much to learn about ones self when you no longer feel on top of the world. Charlie learns this first hand. He has to learn if he is what he thinks he is. And he must do it alone. Or at least that was what he thought. 

Evelyn has finally made that move to be from under her family's thumb. She has taken a stand. The stand she has taken leads her to the eye of Charlie. The ultimate sexy, bad boy. 

With this union they both learn some important things about themselves. The best part was that they did it together. 

Jennifer Ann gave me all I could want in a sexy, bad boy rocker with way too much of most things. Who would have thought he would have self-esteem issues. I got a great read and a hot story. Bring on the next book. I need a date of release. PLEASE!!!! 

**This ARC was provided via XPRESSO Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.**

Kendalls Family series:
Brooklyn Rockstar Kendalls, #1
Midwest Fighter  - Kendalls, #2  Release date not confirmed 


Sexy bad boy Charlie Walker had everything he could ever want as a rockstar: a platinum album, a cushioned bank account, and an endless supply of groupies desperate to have him. But things changed when the band’s drummer went missing, forcing Charlie to go it alone and question if he truly has what it takes to succeed in the business.

Small-town girl Evelyn Kendall has just arrived in Brooklyn Heights. With a new job and her best friend as a roommate, she’s ready for an epic adventure free from her family’s constant supervision. She’s not prepared for the muscle-bound, tattooed star who appears out of nowhere and rocks her world.

When Charlie locks gazes with the freckled brunette at his first solo gig, he falls hard and fast. Determined to keep Evelyn in his life, Charlie is ready to change his ways, even if they run blood deep. But will their instant attraction be enough to weather the storm brought on by the perils of fame and Evelyn’s overly protective brothers?

Warning: This book is filled with sexy bad boys and strong leading ladies. If you’re looking for an engaging read with panty-melting love scenes, then you’ve come to the right place.

Author Info

When Jennifer Ann isn't writing heart-wrenching romance novels with hot scenes or chasing her children around southern Minnesota, she either has her nose stuck in someone else's book, is curled up watching a movie, can be found taking pictures of other people (not in a creepy way), or is rocking out at a concert.

Jennifer also writes YA paranormal under Jen Naumann. 

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