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SPOTLIGHT - The Immortal Divide (The Chronicles of Fate and Choice Trilogy, #3) by KS Turner

The Immortal Divide
The Chronicles of Fate and Choice Trilogy, #3
by KS Turner
Publication date: October 29th 2016
Publisher: Ruby Blaze Publishing
Genre: Fantasy
This is when it will change.

For them. For us. For everyone.

Destiny, freewill, intent, magic, science, life, everything.

This is when all those named gods will fight to the end.

This world and all worlds are fated to end. The prophet, Jychanumun, has tried to prevent it. He has spent millennia walking between life and death to find a way. The powerful Shaa-kutu have tried to prevent it. They have fought with wits and weapons and given their all. Despite their best, nothing seems capable of stopping the formidable Arrunn from completing his final fateful move. So, can Tachra change that fate?

Tachra stands between shadow and light. She has no tools or weapons, only the Earth power and true-vision. Perhaps her fellow humans will ascend to greater knowledge and unlock a new discovery. Or, if she can decipher the Book of Fate, perhaps that will hold a key to saving them all. But when that last prophecy comes, will she make the right choice?

After all, that fate has already been written:
"If any survive, it will be known as the three day darkness. If none survive, the darkness will swallow all."

Excerpt from Time: The Immortal Divide
The passageway had widened to a large square, clad entirely in matte-black stone that  seemed to draw in any light. It was dark, almost black. I sensed shadows. I sensed deeper shadow. I sensed shadows within shadow.
At the end of the square, sitting, was Meah. She was tense, agitated, and defensive. Low growling sounds were coming from her throat. Her fur had risen to bristles. She was facing a direction I could not see. Her eyes had narrowed. She did not like what she was seeing, but she would not look away.
“When you also see,” Viir spoke, “do not fret. You are quite safe.” I walked forward to stand beside Meah.
I looked.
By the skies! A Nigh-kutu!
Before me was a Nigh-kutu imprisoned. Several transparent energy walls and several walls of metal bars stood between us. Nevertheless, my inner defensiveness immediately rose, creating another barrier between the creature and Meah and I. He looked fearsome.
The huge black kutu crouched at the back of a large room. His broad black wings were splayed out, undulating in time to the slow, tense rhythm of his deep breaths. I could hear  guttural growling as he breathed. Every breath he exhaled released pent up, furious tension. His hands were tethered by golden rope. The rope was secured to the walls behind him. His pure black energy darkened the space around him. He was fully dressed in war wear. His black skin trousers tucked into strong boots with straps around his legs and body where once he would have kept weaponry. He was muscular, and emitted the power of one of the most formidable Nigh- kutu warriors.
The Nigh-kutu felt my presence. He looked up. His eyes flashed with shadow-light. His expression was full of hate. His breathing and growling did not change. He just held my stare  with restrained fury. He wanted to kill me. He wanted to kill us all.
Author Info

Originally trained as an illustrator and designer at Saint Martins School of Art and at Middlesex University, KS Turner turned to fiction when she saw the limitless possibilities of connectivity it offered. Before her shift in career, she worked as a fashion designer for major high-street brands, a graphic designer for musicians, and a product designer for corporations, as well as dabbling with designing technology, sustainable energy, and textiles.

A vivid series of dreams were the inspiration for the Chronicles of Fate and Choice books. Kate initially tried illustrating her dreams, but found the medium too limiting for the story she had seen, so began writing. At first she didn’t have any intention of writing novels, but the books soon started to come together.

Her first two novels, Before the Gods, and Tumultus, were featured in many magazines, won book of the month with Spirit and Destiny magazine, fantasy of the year with Bookbag, and the ‘Must Read Now’ awards with SciFiNow magazine.

When Kate isn't writing, she draws, paints and sculpts as well as studying maths, science, theology and philosophy. She loves to play music, explore, nurture nature and spend time with friends and family. She lives in Somerset.
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How would you describe you style of writing to someone that has never read your work?
I’d describe my writing style as innovative, imaginative, fast yet smooth, and multi-layered. I like playing with pace and rhythm, using sentence structure and phonetics. I like telling big, complex tales in a simply flowing, easy-to-read way. Reviewers have called my books original. The genre is a blend of fantasy with science-fiction, laced with mythology and spirituality.

What mindset or routine do you feel the need to set when preparing to write (in general whether you are working on a project or just free writing)?
Oh wow – how did you guess? I’m laughing at this one, as yes, it’s true, I do have my little ritual. I like my writing space as sparse and empty of items as possible. So, just before I start writing, I put anything away that may have crept into the space or on my desk.  Then, I have a huge Victorian hourglass. I turn that over, turn on the computer, and I am ready to write.

Do you take your character prep to heart? Do you nurture the growth of each character all the way through to the page? Do you people watch to help with development? Or do you build upon your character during story creation?
I don’t take character prep to heart, purely because the characters are already in my imagination and complete. Before I write anything, I already have a good sense of who they are, their back story, and why they are the way they are. Because of this, I find they nurture their own growth as plots move forward. I also like my characters to be very different to one another.  I do like going very deep into a character’s personality and find their psychological influencers really interesting, as well as ensuring they stay consistently true to themselves. I have, at times, had to change initial ideas within a story as the relevant character simply did not want to do what I wanted them to! I love it when that happens.

Have you found yourself bonding with any particular character? If so which one(s)?
I have fallen in love with so many of my characters. Let’s talk about the beautiful race of Shaa-kutu first. And here, I shall take an except out of the books, from the character, Tachra’s perspective, as I would say exactly the same:
“Orion is the Shaa-kutu with raggedy red hair, wild red eyes, and an even wilder imagination. He is the embodiment of wonderment. He is the only red kutu. He has the perfect mix of theory and passion that creates artistic genius. He is highly respected as a kutu and is much loved.
     Chia is the only Shaa-kutu I’ve met who has chosen to shave off all his hair. He is a sensitive, and has pure violet energy. He senses energy and intentions, but that does not make him a dreamer. He is proud, focused and thoughtful.
     Kraniel has such an active mind. He can never hold fewer than a dozen thoughts at once, and each one could create a debate to last for millennia. He is the greatest analytical thinker and his humour is second to none. He is fast, singular and freethinking.
     Stanze is one of the leaders of the Shaa-kutu Anumi warriors: tall, broad and rippling with strength. Stanze looks fearsome to those who do not know him. But he has the kindest heart, and his energy is as golden as his hair. He is honourable, brave and gentle.
     And then there is Jychanumun. My black-eyed one.
     Jychanumun is the one kutu for whom it says more about him to say nothing at all. He is not from the Shaa-kutu race. He is a Nigh-kutu. He chose to leave his own warring kind to exist with the Shaa-kutu. He is complex, silent, honest and resolute, with a rare combination of pure black and white energy. This precise meeting of opposites gives him unique skills. One such skill is that he can walk the paths between life and death. Another is that he can sense the Old One. Because of that, we can share thoughts.”
And then, as well as the beautiful Shaa-kutu, there are some strikingly noble Nigh-kutu; particularly Dragun and Mardoch, who risked their lives to help the Shaa-kutu. And there is the human Soul, her daughter, Iris, and of course, Tachra’s wildcat, Meah. So many beautiful characters – I am bonded to them all.

Do you have a character that you have been working on that you can't wait to put to paper?
Yes, definitely. In my latest novel, three characters got a very brief introduction in the story and I can’t wait to do some more where they feature. They are so powerful, really unusual looking yet beautiful, and are said to be the only ones of their kind. Although they only got mentioned briefly in Time: The Immortal Divide, in my head they are fleshed out entirely. I can’t wait to give them a starring role.

Have you ever felt that there was something inside of you that you couldn't control? If so what? If no what spurs you to reach for the unexperienced?
This is an absolutely brilliant question, or set of questions. I have a picture on my wall in my writing room, by Aubrey Beardsley, and I look at that and think, ‘Yes, I understand’. The title of the picture is ‘King Arthur and the Questing Beast’. I can relate to that. I have a desire to quest for something great. I do not know yet exactly why, or what that is, but I will know when I get there.
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