Sunday, June 11, 2017

SPOTLIGHT w/GUEST POST - Obedience by V. G. Kilgore

by V G Kilgore
Date of Publication:  April 22nd 2017
Genre: Historical Fiction, Biblical fiction
Tagline: My father is a righteous man but I am just a man…who loves a woman
Ham is a man of passion and questions. He's adored his wife, Lita, since he first saw her draped in her father's fishing nets and threatened to leave with her if his father, Noah, didn't allow the marriage. She becomes his greatest comfort when Ham is at odds with his father and brothers.

When Noah claims their God has commanded him to build an Ark to escape a devastating flood, Ham worries about the construction stripping the land and the community's ridicule of the family. He and Lita draw closer together as outsiders. They're shocked when the rains come and the entire family is forced into the Ark, along with the animals that appeared.

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