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Virtual Tour - Cursed Frames (Scarred Bullet, #2) by Serena Kearney

Cursed Frames
Scarred Bullet, #2
by Serena Kearney
Publication date: October 21st 2016
Genres: Action, New Adult, Romance
From The Book Junkie Reads . . . Cursed Frames (Scarred Bullet, #2) . . .
Here I thought that Daze and Bullet were filled with dark secrets, hidden pain, deep valleys of more intensity. Dem and Willa added to the intensity of the journey that I looked for in this series. Willa had scars that rivaled those of Dem and Daze. Her fears were deep and paralyzing. Dem on the other hand seemed to have moved beyond the past with the fear and hate, but that did not curb his protective instinct.

I highly recommend that you go out and get this one to read. Especially if you have read Dazed Bullet. You will get to see more of Dem and their friends. With each of the two books you see that building your own family can have better perks. There was love, loyalty, respect, and a high protective instinct. There was most certainly a deeper edge to the protective instinct.

Kearney has set up another worthy read that will have you itching to get you hand to turning pages. I find it noteworthy to mention that I am anticipating a story for each of the faithful, hang-in-there friends, Minnie, Ashe, and Dean. Their participation has given me a connection to them and I want them too to have a chance at that special something.

Scarred Bullet series:
Dazed Bullet – Scarred Bullet, #1  SEE REVIEW
Cursed Frames – Scarred Bullet, #2

He’s been there to help through it all.

Every touch, every sound, and every breath.

I was starting to get better. I was starting to live again the way a normal girl should. That is until we graduated college and life got in the way.

I didn’t think I would see Dem Dabbs again, at least I hoped I would soon, because now I’m falling back. I’m back into my habits. I don’t think I’m strong enough, but somehow, I have.

I’m living on autopilot… until I get that hope back.

I can see him.

Will it be the same? Will we pick up where we left off?

Will his touch bring me back to normal?

Or does he need me more than I need him?
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Author Info
I am a Leo. Born August 10, living on the east coast. I self-published my first novel, PNEUMA, November 2014, and it's hasn't stopped since.
One of my biggest problems was having too much to read. Now my newfound problem; having too much to write and not enough hands to type it out. Not enough brains to put the stories together fast enough. Not enough tea or coffee to keep me awake 24/7.

So, like every normal person, I have to take it one day at a time.
My cravings for sweets keep me going, any sort of cakes (especially red velvet), pies, cookies, and ice cream.

I have a cat named Bongo-Bongo, who loves to get in my way when I'm trying to work, but is too cute for me to fight him off.
And then I have my family, specifically my husband, who puts up with my endless nights, my tapping of the keyboard, my ridiculous imagination, and yet, he always encourages me to believe in myself and follow my dreams.
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