Sunday, January 18, 2015

NetGalley's present Rain on Me . . .

Rain on Me*

by Eden Connor

Eden Connor - Self Published

Erotic Art captured in writing. Ms. Connor did a superb job of making a connection between both racial and lifestyle cultures.

I accepted this book with the requirement of an open, honest review.  That is most certainly what will be given.  I LOVED this book.

Zin has a job to do and in order to do it she needs to learn a few things. That's when she meets  Ray Casey, shibari master.  Zin must go in undercover as a sub at a club to complete this assignment.  To prepare for this assignment she spends two weeks with Ray learning bondage techniques. 

There are many facets to this story.  Connor weaves them all together and makes for delicious voyage into this secret world of bondage. This is not your typical bondage this is Japaneses bondage with a master.  It is well worth the read and some.

I was given the information needed to make a connection between the two races (of Zin and Ray) and then the two cultures (vanilla and BDSM).  Ms. Connor made things flow and connect so that one that is not familiar with the differences would be able to get a foot hold of what is going on.

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*This was a free read in exchange for an honest review for the author and/or the publisher.