Sunday, May 20, 2018

SPOTLIGHT w/GIVEAWAY - The Enchanted Garden Café (South Side Stories, #1) by Abigail Drake

The Enchanted Garden Café
South Side Stories, #1
by Abigail Drake
Date of Publication: May 1st 2018
Publisher: Kindle Press
Cover Artist: Najla Qamber
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Tagline: Something magical is happening in the garden.

For her sixth birthday, Fiona Campbell’s mother, Claire, made her a peace sign piñata filled with wishes for a better planet instead of candy. When she got her period, her mother held a womanhood ceremony at their café and invited the neighborhood. On her sixteenth birthday, they celebrated with a drum circle.

Fiona grew up trying to keep the impulsive Claire in check, and their struggling café afloat. She plans to move out, but first must find a way to stop a big corporation from tearing down their business and destroying her mother’s livelihood.

Claire thinks karma will solve their financial and legal problems. Fiona prefers a spreadsheet and a solid business plan. The last thing she has time for is Matthew Monroe, a handsome complication who walks through their door with a guitar on his back and a naughty gleam in his eye. But when disaster strikes, and Fiona’s forced to turn to him for help, will she learn to open her heart and find she can believe in something magical after all?

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