Sunday, May 20, 2018

SPOTLIGHT w/EXCERPT - Dragoius Reborn: Fate and Whispers (The Bloods Passion Saga, #2) by Adom Sample

Dragoius Reborn: Fate and Whispers
The Bloods Passion Saga, #2
by Adom Sample
Date of Publication: March 31st 2018
Cover Artist: Adom Sample
Genre: Fantasy Vampire / Paranormal Romance
Tagline: How far will you go to be with the one you love?

We all have a choice in life. Sebastian and I made our choice—to be together.

The Shadow Lands became our sanctuary after everything we'd sacrificed. Our desire for one another only deepened as time passed. We'd broken Coven Laws, defied the human government, and put our families at risk to pursue our passion. The Courting Moon bonded us on that night, sealing our fate.

Nevertheless, our work is far from complete. With the Coven searching everywhere to find us it's only a matter of time before death befalls those we love. We are left with no other choice, but to finish what my father died trying to accomplish. To reestablish the Alliance Sanctuary, rebuild the Kingdom of Dragoius, and bring an end to the Coven of Vampyre's tyrannical rule.

The most powerful Vampyre in all the lands, Sebastian's father, the Count of Orias has vowed to stop at nothing until we are found, and our bond is broken. We're racing against time and it all hinges on discovering the Coven's one secret—

Why romantic love is forbidden…

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