Friday, February 24, 2017

NetGalley REVIEW - Virtual Tour - To Covet a Lady’s Heart (Landon Sisters, #2) by Ingrid Hahn

To Covet a Lady’s Heart
Landon Sisters, #2
by Ingrid Hahn
Releasing February 20th 2017
Entangled Scandalous
One good blackmail deserves another.


After a lifetime of rakish behavior, Lord Maxfeld must pretend he’s reformed and find a fake wife. And, with the perfect blend of family scandal and tenuous acceptance in Society, there is nobody more suitable than Lady Phoebe. Trouble is, Phoebe will not agree to a false engagement, forcing Max to blackmail her into his scheme.

Phoebe will go to great lengths to avoid anything remotely dishonorable. Unwilling to bear the scandal of a broken engagement, she blackmails Max right back—directly to the altar.

Once married, though, Phoebe wants much more than Max’s ring. She wants his heart. But he will never give it. For better or worse may just be words but Phoebe cannot stay with Max if he thinks love is the worst thing that can happen.

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