Friday, February 17, 2017

Virtual Tour w/Interview - Angelic Anarchy (Heaven on Earth, #1) by J.P. Epperson

Angelic Anarchy
Heaven on Earth, #1
by J.P. Epperson
Date of Publication: September 6th 2016
Publisher: Wicked Peach Publishing, LLC
Editor: KT Editing Services
Cover Artist: PhatPuppy Art Studios
Cover Typography: Font Diva
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Where there is goodness, evil is sure to follow. Where there is light, darkness is never far behind.


Belleeza isn’t the angel your parents told you about as a child. She’s a weapon. A warrior. But even warriors have their weaknesses—and even warriors can have their hearts broken. Betrayed by the only man she’s ever loved, Belleeza throws herself into an unusual mission to find a missing teenage boy. But the treacherous path she finds herself on could lead her closer towards the darkness than she had ever imagined—perhaps even into the depths of Hell itself. And what about Colton, the beautiful angel turned demon who trampled all over her heart?