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Read-2-Review - Wicked Highland Wishes (Highlander Vows: Entangled Hearts #2) by Julie Johnstone

Wicked Highland Wishes

Highlander Vows: Entangled Hearts, #2

Publication Date: October 20th 2016
Genre: Historical Romance, Historical Fiction

The Book Junkie Reads . . . Review of Wicked Highland Wishes (Highlander Vows: Entangled Hearts, #2) . . .
Sorrow, pain, heartbreak. Test, trials, tribulation. Family, honor, respect. This one took me on a journey through it all and then back again. I did not think that I could love a highlander more. Lachlan has my complete and utter devotion. This man. This highlander has vowed to love. The one true love that will take him to the ends of the Earth. This one love tests the bonds of family, honor and respect.

Bridgette was no slouch of a heroine. Lachlan could not have chosen a better woman to love and cherish. She was his equal. I don’t want to give anything away. This was that one true highlander piece of magic that will draw you in and grip your heart. It will have you in tears. It will pull your heart apart. It will heal your heart. It will give you a reason to believe.

Julie Johnstone has made my love of highlanders richer with the stories she has provided. I have found my everlasting passion and deep rooted love renewed in my highlanders. This love of Bridgette and Lachlan was a true journey of love.  It grabs you and pulls you in to their world.

Desire tempted them. Honor forbade them. Love ensnared them.

Legendary warrior Lachlan MacLeod has never encountered anything or anyone he could not conquer. But when his younger brother confesses his love for Bridgette MacLean—the only woman Lachlan has ever wanted—Lachlan turns away from the beautiful Scottish lass, vowing to be no more than her friend. Yet his need for Bridgette enslaves him and may well prove to be the one thing he cannot defeat.

Fiercely independent Bridgette longs to be treated as an equal to the men. She always imagined great battles in her future, not great love. Then Lachlan saw her as no one ever had and captured her heart, awakening new cravings inside her without realizing it. But when Lachlan’s younger brother suffers a grave injury while saving her life, she feels unable to deny his plea for her heart. However, it is impossible to give what belongs to another…

Torn between their own desire and their loyalties, Bridgette and Lachlan must find the courage to grasp the passion awaiting them and face the pain their choice will cause. Yet even as they confront their future and love finally seems within their grasp, a fight for the Scottish throne divides the Highland clans and Bridgette becomes a pawn in a political game that threatens to tear her and Lachlan apart forever.

Author Info
Julie Johnstone is a USA Today best-selling author of Regency Romance, Victorian Romance, and Scottish Medieval romance. She is also the author of an urban fantasy/paranormal romance book. She’s been a voracious reader of books since she was a young girl. Her mother would tell you that as a child Julie had a rich fantasy life made up of many different make believe friends. As an adult, Julie is one of the lucky few who can say she is living the dream by working with her passion of creating worlds from her imagination. When Julie is not writing she is chasing her two precocious children around, cooking, reading or exercising.

Julie loves to hear from her readers. You can send her an email at
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