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Virtual Tour - Embrace Me (Chasing Fire, #3.5) by Ann Marie Walker & Amy K. Rogers

Embrace Me
Chasing Fire, #3.5
by Ann Marie Walker & Amy K. Rogers
Releasing September 20th 2016

From The Book Junkie Reads . . . Embrace Me (Chasing Fire, #3.5) . . .
I know nothing of the ongoing affair between Allie and Hudson. I am new to the series and this was beautiful. I gather from what I read the two had a long hard ride to get to the point of planning a wedding.

There was beauty in the fact that we get to see both sides (bride and groom). The stress of trying to put together the event of the year for the social circle their status place them in. While at the same time being something that would make them happy, friends, and family. Although I have not read all that lead them to this point. I enjoyed the read and would suggest if at all possible, to get the most out of it, read the entire series.

This finishing novella was the perfect ending to what must have been an exhausting ride.
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Chasing Fire series:
Remind Me – Chasing Fire, #1
Release Me – Chasing Fire, #2
Reclaim Me – Chasing Fire, #3
Embrace Me – Chasing Fire, #3.5

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Reclaim Me (Book Three): Amazon | B&N | GooglePlay | iTunes | Kobo

Teaser Quote for Teaser Tuesday, 13th September 
“ . . .  

Hudson emerged from the water and caught Allie around the waist as she popped up. He took her mouth and thrust his tongue between her lips, their kiss flavored with the salt of the sea. Her arms looped behind his neck and her fingers teased the hair at his nape. He pulled her closer and she made a soft moan as she went lax against his body. She was his wife, his best friend, his lover, and his most valued treasure. She was the one who gave him strength in his most vulnerable of times, and who silenced the memories that haunted his mind. She had, in a sense, freed him from the darkness. They had freed each other.
 . . .  “

Teaser Quote for Teaser Tuesday, 6th September
“ . . .  
Every nerve in Allie's body sprang to life, responding to Hudson as though he was right in front of her, not miles away. Even from that distance she could feel the attraction that pulsed between them, a magnetic pull drawing her to him. This was the power he had over her, one she was helpless to resist even if she’d wanted to. A hum of anticipation built inside her as the plane swooped low over the tranquil water, and by the time they landed she was more than ready for whatever Hudson had in store for her.
 . . .  “

Hudson Chase and Alessandra Sinclair's heartracing romance continues in this hot, new novella in the Chasing Fire series.

Return to the dangerous and seductive romance that got pulses racing in the Chasing Fire trilogy...

It took ten years for Hudson Chase and Alessandra Sinclair to find their happily ever after, and they’re not about to let anything get in their way...

Nothing could stop the passion between Allie and Hudson—not time or distance. Not even tragedy, betrayal, and blackmail. But now they’re facing a new challenge: wedding planning. And while Allie’s social status demands she put on the event of the century, her well-intentioned family and friends have her doubting her walk down the aisle...

Hudson knows tensions are pushing Allie to the brink, but he’s not letting her throw everything away over some flowers and cake. He has plans for his new bride, and unlike their last adventure, he's determined that this time there will be no unwelcome surprises. But for all his determination and control, there’s one element Hudson Chase has never been able to predict—and she has some adventurous ideas of her own...
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Authors Info
Though thousands of miles apart, Ann Marie Walker and Amy K. Rogers are in constant contact, plotting story lines and chatting about their love of alpha males, lemon drop martinis and British supermodel, David Gandy. You can find them on twitter as @AnnMarie_Walker and @Amy_KRogers.
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