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BOOK BLITZ - Burning Choice by Aubrey Parker

 Burning Choice
(Trevor’s Harem, #3)
by Aubrey Parker
Publication date: March 1st 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary Romance 


I’ve been in this billionaire’s game for a month — but something changed when half my competition was eliminated. 

It feels less like a contest now … and more like an experiment. 

I shouldn’t have made it past the first round. I don’t know how I did; I’m not special like the others. When I ask Daniel, he just tells me it’s complicated. Then he talks about brain chemistry, how love and sex are an addiction. He tells me how wild animals claim mates, and how he’s claimed me. 

The stakes are higher. 

The competition is fiercer. 

I should have been kicked out long ago, but Daniel tells me I might be the needle in the haystack the company has been looking for. 

Sometimes I’m afraid of them all, even of Daniel. 

But It’s like I’m on a tether. I couldn’t leave if I wanted to. 

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Burning Choice - Trevor's Harem, #3
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I want to show you something.Jessica flops sideways, grabs one of my pillows, and then pulls me down by my wrist so Im lying beside her. She puts the pillow on the bed and rolls so shes perched on it. Her head ticks, nodding halfway, as if to beckon me closer. I come, and she doesnt stop gesturing until Im close enough to smell the almond in her shampoo.

Her mischievous eyes watch me. Then she reaches for the covers, which Ive piled to one side after rising. Ive never been a bed maker. Because fuck that.

She drags the covers over us. Were facedown on the bed, our faces above the pillow. Jessica shoves her face into the pillow and moans.

Or, now that I listen more closely, mumbling.

Put your face in the pillow.

“I’ve heard that line before,I say.

Just do it, Bridget.

So I do. And then Bridget mumbles again. This time I clearly hear her say, They cant hear sound that doesnt hit the walls.

I dont know what to make of that. I raise back up, so she pulls me back down, her arm draped across my back.

Do you remember how they said there were blind spots from the cameras? The southwest corner of the kitchen, the front lawn, thirty yards equidistant between the fountains.

Between the fountains,I repeat, nodding into the pillow, feeling stupid.
Thirty yards equidistant. Not just directly between them. Theres only forty-five yards between the fountains. You have to come away at an angle, to the south. It has to be to the south because the wall is at the same angle to the north.

I just remember between the fountains.’” And Im lucky I remember that. That first night, they listed so many rules and details, I stopped listening. But Jessica apparently didnt. She lists another eight or ten places, most of which barely sound familiar.
Were you taking notes?

Instead of answering, she says, The mics also have dead spots — too much ground to eavesdrop everywhere. I was out back and spotted one near the peeing fountain thing. You know the peeing fountain?

I nod.

Then I found two more. Theyre hard to find without looking like youre looking, if you know what I mean.

I dont. Not really.

I got the model number. They seem to all be the same. And that model is semi-directional, probably because if theyre not selective, theyll hear all the birds whistling and pots banging and clocks ticking and stuff. The noise profile is … ” And for a second its like Im back in my studio, studying technical manuals.

Are you a sound engineer or something?

I read a catalog once.

What kind of catalog?

I was bored,she answers.

Jessicas eyes flick toward the ceiling, and she runs her fingers through my hair. Sorry,she says about the touch. But if we dont do something to justify lying here in bed, theyre going to pay closer attention than we want.And then her hand goes under the covers, starts disturbing the sheets without actually fondling me — though surely, thats what its supposed to look like from the cameraspoint of view.

My eyes scan what of the room I can still see, ass up and face in the pillow as I am. I know the cameras are there, and microphones with them. And I have to admit Jessica is probably right. Theyd have to use mics with a reasonably narrow profile, or thered be too much noise to make the recordings worthwhile. Talking into a noise dampener like a big lump of foam and fabric will absorb most of what we say, keeping any little echoes from bouncing around and being heard. Its a risk I wouldnt take without research into whats watching and listening to us, but Jess is acting like research isnt necessary. She saw a model number and somehow already knew everything about that specific model and, apparently, everything else in the catalog. Its fucking weird. But what the hell? Its not like I wanted to be here in the first place, so screwing up and getting booted now doesnt bug me as much as it bothers the others. I guess its no more risk to trust her than anything else. 

So,Jessica says, speaking into the pillow. “Let’s talk about Daniel for you, Trevor for me, and how the hell youre still around.

Author Info
I love to write stories with characters that feel real enough to friend on Facebook, or slap across the face. I write to make you feel, think, and burn with the thrill that can only come from getting lost in the pages. I love to write unforgettable characters who wrestle with life's largest problems. My books may always end with a Happily Ever After, but there will always be drama on the way there.

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