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Blog Stop - The Highlander Who Loved Me by Adrienne Basso 4star Highlander Worth Waiting for

The Highlander Who Loved Me
By: Adrienne Basso
Releasing December 29, 2015



Scottish Highlands, 1329. Sir James McKenna, second son of the powerful McKenna Chief, knows he has found his destiny when he falls in love with sweet Lady Davina Armstrong, niece of the Armstrong Chief. Orphaned in childhood, Davina has always felt like an outsider, and with James finally feels that she belongs. But their plans for a happy future are shattered after a brutal attack by a band of rogues. Horrified, Davina’s overprotective family quickly shelters her from everyone—including James…

Five years later, James is a changed man. His fighting skills sharpened to perfection, he is hardened by the war and destruction he’s endured as a Scottish knight—and by the loss of Davina. Weary, he returns home—and is shocked to find Davina there. Is it too late for them to start anew, or will the past dare to lay claim to their future once more?

I gave this first read by Adrienne Basso a 4star rating because I found that James McKenna was highlander worth waiting for even if that was not exactly the whole reason Lady Davina Armstrong was waiting. 

There love was young and strong but it encountered diversity/controversy from the beginning. There were forces conspiring against there union from the very beginning. While I gave a warning to not look at the obvious suspect. There are several to chose from.  James and Davina are separated by time and cruelty. There reunion is not what I was hoping to have but expected due the cause of separation. 

There are a couple mysteries to solve during the journey from meeting to courtship to proposal to separation to reunion to marriage.  Its interesting how things come together. The doors that are open. This is a journey of a second son coming into his own and allowing love to be his guide.

Yes, its that time. Grab your warm blanket, hot drink, and a cozy corner and read 'The Highlander Who Loved Me' by Adrienne Basso.

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