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JANE - Michelle N. Onuorah


by Michelle N. Onuorah  

Published February 6th 2015 by MNO Media, LLC

About the Author: Michelle Onuorah is the award-winning author of Type N , Double Identity , and Wanna Be on Top? Originally from Maryland, Michelle grew up with a love of storytelling. She wrote down some of her stories in a notebook and continued to write for fun. At the tender age of thirteen, she wrote her first book, Double Identity , and got it published the next year. Her debut novel Type N recently hit the Bestseller List on Amazon. Her follow up novel is the much-loved, critically acclaimed romance, Remember Me, which remained a bestseller for two months straight in the summer of 2014. A graduate of Biola University, Michelle continues to write and publish under her company, MNO Media. You can learn more about her at, like her page at and follow her work on

There is no denying this is a five star rendering.  JANE by Michelle N. Onuorah will capture you with its intriguing interracial romance of a young woman that has all the reasons in the world to turn her back on the world that has done nothing much but orphan her, neglect her, and abuse her.  At 24 years of age, Jane augherty has had a young life filled with neglect and abouse (mental, physical, and sexual).  This young lady has not allowed her past to dictate her future.  She works hard to keep her life together and pursue her goal to be the youngest professor on track for tenure at the University of New York.

Life changes for her when she sees her old foster care 'little sister', Alexa. Alexa was the world to Jane.  Jane was Alexa's protector.  Now today she is a look back into her past. Alexa introduces Jane to her brother, Aiden, she gained when she was adopted out of the foster care system.  The sparks fly when Jane and Aiden meet. Their world collides with only time being the tell-tell if their lust filled encounter will turn into much more.  More of what can make their (Jane & Aiden's) lives what was meant to happen.

Onuorah provides a read that gives you a woman's story, her life (good,  bad, a little in between), her sexuality, sensuality, and her spirituality. In there she also provides us with a man, Aiden, that adds more to the story.  Onuorah writing allows you to feel the hurt, pain, loss, confusion, lust, joy, sensuality, spirituality of love and lust.  She also makes it easy to relate to the trial of young Jane's life as it was and what it will evolve to be. 

I found this to be a beautiful interracial romance that is about more than just the sex of a lust filled encounter.  It grows and becomes so much more.  I find Aiden to be more the beta hero to Jane's alpha heroine. Aiden provides the warmth and sensitivity in places where Jane is a bit cool and distant.  

I got so much more than I was expecting from this book.  I was expecting a hostility and standoffish young woman and was greeted with something else. I would highly recommend this book to any/everyone looking for a romance with more.

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