Sunday, May 25, 2014

For Honor's Lady

My Review of:

For Honor's Lady
by Rosanne Kohake

rating 5 of 5 stars
For Honor's Ladystatus Read from March 11 to April 30, 2014
format paperback
review  Early American life brings about this historical delight. Its long and very engaging throwing in bits of American history during the fight for freedom from the mother land.

As we begin our fight for our freedom, Juliette and Alec finds themselves in a passion that will ride the test of time, war, and family disapproval.

A love that defies the bounds of social restraints, family denial, and loyalties across oceans. This love is defiant of much thrown in their path. Then once peace is on the horizon the unimaginable happens to threaten their future happiness together and their family.

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