Saturday, March 29, 2014

Love in Play by Zuri Day

My Review of:

Love in Play 
by Zuri Day 

rating 5 of 5 stars
status Read from February 22 to March 25, 2014
format ebook
Love in Play by Zuri Dayreview  Big women have a lot to offer a man, even one as tall, broad, strong, and fine as Jake McDonald. It's him learning to appreciate what sh has to offer that can make the difference.  All night sex could make anyone lose their minds, but is it enough to want to do it for a lifetime?  She has had to be the one calling the plays and picking up all the pieces  Then comes in a man that could do all that and much more.

Now, with the big power play in motion and things invading their romance.  Will one thing be too much for their romance to continue on?  Is the past coming in to make its presence known.  

Day capture the independence of a woman that has had to make it on her own in both her personal and business life.  She comes to the table as a power player.  Day show that she can still be a strong woman and allow for herself to let go sometimes.

I am not a professional reviewer.  These are just my personal opinions.

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